What is Xposed Framework and Module?

Xposed Framework is a software suite that lets users modify the internals of Android without touching any APKs.

The framework is quite powerful, and allows for deep customization that can’t be reached with simply rooting an Android device or installing a custom ROM. The installation process isn’t easy either, as it requires root access to install Xposed Framework on your phone first before you can enjoy all its benefits.

What does Xposed Framework do?

Xposed Framework is a framework that lets users install modules to change the behavior of various aspects on an Android phone. Modules are installed through Xposed Installer and can be activated just like any other app, either from within the application or automatically on boot-up.

This means you don’t need a custom ROM to do this — all you need is root access and Xposed Framework on your device. These apps will work with both Jelly Bean and KitKat but not Lollipop because it has ART instead of Dalvik virtual machine for running applications.

The best part about these tweaks is that they only modify what’s already present in stock (read: unmodified) Android so as long as Google doesn’t make changes to a particular system feature, it’ll remain unaltered.

What is Xposed Module?

Xposed Module is a set of modules that are used to modify the behavior of the user interface. It take advantage of the Xposed Framework.

They are generally applied by installing them as apps on top of Android, hence they only work in systems where security permissions can be overridden (not necessarily rooted).

There are many modules available in this list; some which we have found to be particularly useful include Gravity Box – an all-in-one suite of tools including a Lockscreen tweaks app, Statusbar tweaks application, Quick Settings tiles management module, navigation bar toggle with shape change option among other things — or you can combine them as per need. The Ultimate Customizer is also another excellent tool for quickly tweaking various aspects like appearance (backgrounds), colors, fonts etc., without having to go through multiple menus on the phone’s system settings page.

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