What is XiaoMi MIUI OS?

MIUI OS is a custom operating system that has been developed for Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. It’s based on Android and offers users an experience that is similar to Apple’s iOS.

MIUI OS was first released in 2009, but it took a while to gain popularity. It wasn’t until Xiaomi released the Mi One in 2013 that it became popular.

MIUI OS offers users a sleek and easy to use interface with features like “smart app launcher” (which allows you to quickly access your apps by swiping up or down) and a “cleaner dashboard” (to make everything more organized). It also offers many other features, but the two mentioned above are some of its most useful ones.

The MIUI OS is open source and it’s available to download for free from their website. They offer many different versions for you to choose from depending on your device type (i.e.: smartphones or tablets). It offers a wide variety of languages like Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German and Spanish in order to meet the needs of people with diverse backgrounds who speak other languages as well as English speakers.

Themes and customizations 

MIUI OS also supports themes that allow users to customize how they want their phone or tablet screen looks through changing colors, icons and background photos without having to root it first! You can find them all by searching “miui themes”.

Customizable home screen

MIUI’s home screen is fully customizable. You can change the size of your icons, how many you want to show and where they should be located on your screen and their shape!

MIUI allows users to have plenty of home screens with a different wallpaper for each one, which is perfect if you are into customizing everything about the way that it looks like in order to personalize your device as well as differentiate between work or school from other aspects of life. This provides an aesthetically pleasing environment when using MIUI OS.

Quick ball Navigation Gestures

The quick ball navigation gestures feature is perfect for multitasking on the go. This helps you to never be more than a swipe away from opening any of your apps and features, which means that this OS is really easy to use when you are running between meetings or making sure that everything goes smoothly.

MIUI also has an instant search bar at the bottom of every screen, helping with finding anything quickly without having to open up loads of different menu screens in order to do so!

You can instantly find what app it is loaded onto as well as how much space it takes up by typing into this bar- meaning there’s no time wasted looking through folders just trying to find one icon out of many because its name was difficult or too long to read.

Dual apps to run two versions of an app simultaneously

MIUI OS features an array of new features, including two apps running simultaneously for convenience with its dual app feature. With the latest update to allow users to run more than one instance of any particular app at once, this means you can have work and play all on your phone without having to switch back and forth between them in order to do both well!

The best part about being able to use two versions of any single application is that they will not be competing for memory or processor space – which means there’s no slowing down when it comes time for switching from say checking email alerts while editing photos at the same time!

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