Who is JoyBoy in One Piece? Can Luffy Be Joyboy?

What do we really know about JoyBoy in the One Piece anime? We know that he was a key figure in the past and that he seems to be somehow connected to the current situation. But who is he really? Let’s take a look at what we know and try to piece together who JoyBoy really is.

Who is JoyBoy?

In the world of One Piece, there’s a character who has been referred to as “Joy Boy.” Little is known about him other than his constant companion-like status with Luffy and some brief mentions from other characters in the series. However, fans have started shipping this pairing since it seems likely that their relationship will be revealed soon enough!

Joy Boy has been a topic of debate for years, but the theories continue to pile up. Some seem reasonable and realistic while others are still just rumors that could never be proven or false outright with how little information there really is on this subject matter in One Piece so far as we know now… But what if they’re not completely wrong? What would happen then anyway!?

With more stories coming out soon such an anime fans’ favorite character will finally get his moment at center stage where he deserves recognition after all these long years of service on the sidelines.

Even though it has not been yet confirmed, he can be in the 2 roles:

  • The first pirate who left the One Piece treasure.
  • The king of the Ancient Kingdom.

Joy Boy is mentioned at various points in the manga.  His story begins during the 100 Year Void, the time of which information about the world disappeared. It leads to a lack of information about JoyBoy as well.

  • The first time Joy Boy is mentioned is when Nico Robin reads his apology letter from the Ryugu Poneglyph. It is located in the Forest of the Sea.
  • The 2nd time is when Robin asks King Neptune about Joy Boy on Fishman Island. King Neptune tells her how Joy Boy made a promise to the future mermaid princess 900 years ago.
  • In the past, Gol D. Roger found the One Piece when he arrived at the final island during his exploration. The Once Piece is also called Joy Boy’s Treasure.

Can Luffy Be Joyboy?

The straw hat is the one that ties Joy Boy and Luffy together. In Sacred Marijoa there is a locked away giant stone straw hat, which some belief resembles the one worn by this duo’s main character; it has been said to have come from beyond even lifetime journeys through time!

JoyBoy has also been connected to the “D” people, as well as Ancient Weapons. Our protagonist, Luffy, belongs to the “D” family.

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