What is Small Private Online Course (SPOC)?

In the past, students who wanted to take a course but couldn’t attend school for some reason had to find someone else in their community or family to teach them. But today, there are many online courses available for people who want to learn on their own time and at their own pace.

One of these options is SPOC, Small Private Online Course, that is offered by the student’s initiative. These classes can be self-paced or taken semesterly and offer new opportunities for those looking to continue their education without sacrificing the quality of life outside of the classroom!

SPOC Explained

SPOC, which stands for Small Private Online Course, is usually self-paced and oftentimes offered semesterly. There are many different options available where students can enroll on a per-course basis or sign up for the entire sequence to receive credit at the end of their time taking it.

These courses may be taken by students who cannot attend traditional college because of work commitments or schedules that conflict with class times. SPOCs allow individuals to take one course at a time to fit in with their busy lives.

The benefits of SPOCs go beyond convenience for those who want to further their education but simply don’t have time for classes during the day. Since they are self-paced, SPOCs allow students to learn at their own pace.

This can be helpful for those who are more hands-on learners rather than book smart, as they will have the ability to move at a speed that works for them.

The great thing about a self-paced course is that there are no time limits or pressure to complete the content by a certain date, which can often reduce stress levels and make learning much easier!

SPOCs also gives students the flexibility of studying when it’s convenient for them instead of having class times set for them. They don’t even need to attend lectures if they don’t want to. SPOCs only require that students work every day until they’ve reached their goal. For some people, this might mean less time spent in class, but they will have more time to focus on other things in their life.

SPOCs are also inexpensive when compared with traditional college courses. They may not be free, but considering that most SPOCs offer access to online textbooks, the cost is usually much less than if students had enrolled in a traditional course. With all of these perks, it’s no wonder people are choosing SPOCs over traditional college courses!

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