What Is Gametime on Motorola Phone?

Gametime is a special mode that automatically kicks in when you open certain games on newer Motorola smartphones. It reduces the power consumption and increases performance so your phone doesn’t slow down or overheat while playing those fun, addicting games!

What Is Motorola Gametime?

Any games can understand this concept as their computers use special game modes when they are playing games. These game modes have many settings including changing the resolution of your screen and limiting how much memory is allowed to be used.

Gametime on a Motorola Phone has been introduced as an answer to the need for some more features to be included. It doens’t do things like changing a display’s settings like limiting your screen’s refresh rate or turning off touch input entirely.

Gametime manages the other apps on your phone, allowing you to integrate some of them with your gameplay and schedule notifications during play. You can make socializing more integrated into gameplay by inviting friends or hold back distractions for an immersive experience.

Gametime provides 5 settings:

  • Social Media Settings: You may link your favorite social networking applications to make them more accessible in the game. This only works if you have those apps installed, of course.
  • Screenshots: The Screenshot icon is selected and the game’s screen is captured in an instant. The screenshot is then saved to a separate media file on your deivice.
  • Blocking Notifications: Sometimes when you are playing a game on your phone, notifications will pop up. These can be distracting. If you press this icon, all notfications are cleared.
  • Blocking Calls: This setting block incoming phone calls. You can adjust this setting in Gametime setting to avoid blocking importatn calls.
  • Gametime Settings: This icon brings you an advanced setting window where you can adjust lots of features to make gaming experience better. These settings can allow you to choose which phone numbers to not be blocked or to allow a phone call if it repeats several times.

Gametime automatically applies any changes you make to the app’s settings when you start playing a game. You can modify the settings anytime if the game is opened before you make your changes.

How to Use Gametime

When you launch a game on your Motorola device, the top notification displays that Gametime is running. This stays true even before configuring settings for first time use.

The Gametime icon is shown on the screen. Users can drag the icon to change its position, or tap it to open configuration screen.

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