What is a Mouse Bungee?

A mouse bungee is a simple but effective tool for reducing computer strain and improving your productivity. According to recent studies, using a traditional mouse can be harmful to your wrist in the long-term. A bungee cord attached to the top of your desk allows you to use a more natural arm position while you work, which will reduce pain and fatigue over time.

How a mouse bungee work

Mouse bungees attach to the cable of your mouse, ensuring that it remains taut and unwinds.

A mouse bungee is a useful accessory for your desk and prevents tangling, getting caught on objects, or creates unnecessary drag.

A mouse bungee is a device that keeps your computer cord from limiting your movement while you use the mouse.

Example of a mouse bungee

Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee

Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee - Flexible Mouse Cable Management - Gaming Mouse Accessory (Black)
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The Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee is here to help you save time, money and space while optimizing performance! Nowadays, most setups require a mouse bungee that can be adjusted for height. The GMLHDBKMS3-Gaming Mouse Bungee fits with any cable size and adjusts in height thanks to its spring-adjustable arm.

What’s more? With an ergonomic design created specifically for gamers like you and easy setup/removal of the rubber clip, all of your cables will finally find their home on this new Glorious accessory! It doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you’re on: now we got your back when it comes to loading those professional games!


Is getting a mouse bungee worth it?

If you’ve been considering getting a mouse bungee, it can be worth the investment. A mouse bungee helps to reduce computer strain and improve your productivity when working on an office desk.

What is wrong with using my old cord?

It’s not uncommon for people to use an older cord as their mouse bungee instead of the actual bungee cord. But while this might seem to work at first, it will eventually wear out and start to fray over time.

Can I use a mouse bungee with any type of surface?

The only way that you can have the best experience is if your desk has some sort of grooves in the wood or metal so that the bungee cord can be hooked on. If you don’t have a grooved desk, then the mouse bungee will not work with your surface and it’s best to find an alternate solution.

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