What is a Hoverboard?

If you are reading this blog post, then chances are that you want to know what a hoverboard is. A hoverboard is a type of board with two wheels and an electric motor attached to it.

The idea behind the hoverboards was to create a new type of transportation for people who live in urban areas or have small yards. Hoverboards are vehicles that move a person short distances by lifting the person slightly off the ground. With their ability to move vertically as well as horizontally, they can be used on any surface (even stairs!). They work much like Segways but without the need for someone steering them from the back.

Example of a Hoverboard

SISIGAD Hoverboard

SISIGAD Hoverboard
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Wearing one of Sisigad’s new hoverboards on your feet might be the next best thing to being able to levitate! Featuring a Bluetooth speaker system and an informative LED display screen, this sleek board will get you zooming safely in no time. Whether you’re looking for a way to go hands free and relieve some back pain while listening to music or find that navigating tight spaces is easier without two sets of hands getting in the way, the Sisigad Hoverboard is worth considering. If safety features are a concern, then know that this model has gone through stringent certifications to ensure its compliance with UL2272 standards.

Benefits of a Hoverboard

  • You don’t need to worry about traffic, parking, or bike lanes.
  • You can ride in your favorite outfit without worrying about wrecking it.
  • Easily go up and down stairs, on the beach sand, and across other terrain that you wouldn’t want to walk on.
  • Easily carry your groceries home from the store and more.

Reasons Why You Need A Hoverboard

The question many people will ask themselves when considering buying one is “where am I going to ride my hoverboard?” Well, there’s no limit! It could be your backyard, your driveway, your living room, your office (if it’s a private space), or even around the world!

Many people who ride them report that they are more comfortable than skateboards because of their wider surface area. They also don’t have any sharp edges like you would find on a skateboard so there is less worry about injury from falling off one.

There are many other reasons to purchase a hoverboard such as being able to use it anywhere without worrying about traffic rules and regulations, not having to buy gas for it since its powered by electricity, and the ability to turn 360 degrees in every direction with ease! We hope this has helped you make up your mind when considering buying one but we highly recommend reading our blog post.


Are hoverboards dangerous?

The short answer is no. If you are a safe and responsible rider there’s no reason to think that they’re dangerous or unsafe. There have been reports of people getting injured while riding them, but this doesn’t mean the board was what caused it! Poorly designed boards can lead to accidents because of their faulty construction which may include things such as exposed wiring or parts that create too much friction with the ground so be sure to buy from reputable retailers only!

Does hoverboarding really work?

Yes, it does really work! You’ll find many videos on YouTube of people showing off how easy and fun these boards are to use.

What age should someone be before using one?

They recommend at least 16 years old for safety reasons but it’s not dangerous for younger children to ride them as long as a parent or guardian is nearby.

Can hoverboards go uphill?

Yes, they can go uphill but the faster you travel up an incline will depend on how steep it is. If there’s a really steep hill and you’re going too fast then the board may slide down with gravity as oppose to climbing up.

Can I ride my hoverboard in any weather?

No, because of safety reasons we recommend never riding one in wet or snowy conditions! The electric current that powers them can’t be run through water so even if your hands were dry while using it – rainwater would ruin everything for you (and us!) which means no more fun!

Do hoverboards work indoors?

They technically should work just fine inside but make sure someone is controlling where you’re traveling at all times just in case.

Does riding a hoverboard burn calories?

Yes, hoverboards can actually help you burn calories! It’s a great way to get in shape and stay active without even realizing it. Of course there are many other ways that will help but this is one more option for those who enjoy doing something fun on their down time.

According to reports, 30 minutes of hoverboard use can burn up to 300 calories. The number can vary depends on the hoverboard you use.

Are hoverboards waterproof?

No. There have been reports of people using them in the rain and snow but this is not recommended because they can get water inside which will put you at risk for electric shock or a short circuit!

Do hoverboards work on grass?

Yes, as long as it’s relatively flat then they should be able to go over most terrain without any problems. However if your lawn has lots of bumps and hills then we recommend sticking to more level ground so that you don’t take an unexpected spill!

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