What is a Fry Pan?

A frying pan is a pan used for frying. It typically has low sides, like a sauté pan, but with much steeper sides (a sauté pan usually has sloped sides).

Many things can be fried in a fry pan including meats, cheeses and vegetables.

A frying pan is usually closeable, which means that the handle folds over the top so that it forms a lid. Many frying pans have two parts: one part for cooking with (skillet) and one part for cooking with (lid).

The `cooking’ side is called the base; this is where food actually gets put into. The `cover’ side can be lifted off entirely, or it can fold over like an oven door (not all do both), depending upon whether it’s hinged at its end along its length. Of course, a lid that doesn’t have a separate part for the cover will just be an extension of its base. Lids can also close all the way to one side, rather than being a straight line across the top.

The sides on a non-stick fry pan are usually much flatter than those on most other pans because if they were steeply sloped it would be very difficult for oil/lard etc. to drain away through small holes in any food placed in them. This means that they’re not as good at deep frying as say an `oil pot’ or wok is (this term refers to any vessel with more vertical sides) but they work fine for shallow frying foods like eggs and potatoes.

There are many kinds of frying pans in the market.

These include:

  • Non-stick fry pan: A non-stick coating must be used for cooking with these kinds of pans.
  • Uncoated steel fry pan: These types of frying pans are suitable to use on an induction hob.
  • Cast-iron fry pan: It can be used on bbq grills and ovens.
  • Enameled cast-iron fry pan: Suitable for stove tops and ovens.
  • Copper and tinned iron fry pans: There is a trend among cooks that copper or tinned iron is better than stainless steel.

Example of a Frying Pan

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