What is a Course Management System?

A course management system is a software application that helps teachers manage their courses. A CMS may be used in a school, university, or business setting to store information about classes and students in a database.

A course management system, sometimes known as an integrated learning environment (ILE), is a platform of educational software in higher education that allows instructors and institutions to organize a variety of courses with a large number of pupils and many instructional resources.

This includes the lecturer’s teaching materials, student assignments, and grades, discussion boards for students to collaborate on projects with one another, announcements from the teacher and staff members, events calendars for each class with reminders of upcoming deadlines or exams.

Most schools use a CMS to store information about classes, teachers, and students. This system stores all the information of your course (lectures, assignments, discussion boards, grades, etc,) and is where you will plan for your work and organize your time.

To plan for your work and organize your time, you’ll need to become familiar with the features of the CMS that are available to you as a student. That is done by visiting the “Help” pages on the CMS website for tutorials and video demonstrations.

If you’re using an LMS (learning management system) such as Blackboard or Moodle, this help may be built-in with those specific systems.

Why Schools and Colleges Should Use Course Management Systems

The main purpose of this system is to help organize everything that goes into an academic program so it can be accessed by all parties involved: administrators, faculty members, and especially students.

This course management system saves time and effort by maintaining an organized structure of the curriculum, syllabus, and class assignments.

It also helps teachers keep track of their student’s progress throughout the program. This way, teachers can ensure that each student understands the material being taught in class.

One of the benefits to teachers using a course management system is that they have a central location to store all their class information. This includes an easy place for them to post assignments, tests, and exams as well as provide additional materials for students.

In addition, it provides an online space where students can discuss the material from each chapter or post questions for one another. Teachers can monitor these discussions, see how students are doing with the work and intervene if necessary. In essence, it makes teaching easier by allowing teachers increased visibility into what is happening in their classes and gives them a host of tools to help communicate with their students.


Course management systems make it much easier for teachers and students to stay organized and on task.

While not all schools and colleges use a course management system, many of them should.

From the teacher’s perspective, they will be able to see how their students are performing in real-time and intervene when necessary.

From the student’s perspective, they will be able to stay on top of their work and know exactly where to submit assignments and access information.

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