What are Future Ready Schools?

Future Ready Schools are schools that are preparing for the future. They provide students with skills, knowledge, and attitudes they will need to thrive in the 21st century. A Future Ready School prepares students academically, personally, and socially for success in college, career, and life.

Future Ready Schools is also a movement to prepare students for the future. They prioritize digital learning and take steps to ensure that all students have access to technology. They foster a culture of continuous improvement and design digital learning throughout the school day. In addition, Future Ready Schools offer personalized learning experiences for students as they pursue their unique passions and talents.

In order to prepare students for the future, schools must be proactive in providing opportunities for students to experience new digital tools and learn with them. The more opportunities students have to engage with technology, the better they will be prepared to use it in their future education and careers.

5 Benefits of Future Ready Schools

  1. Schools will be more prepared for students in the future.
  2. Students will learn how to be successful when they grow up and live their lives after high school.
  3. 3. The community is better prepared for all of the situations that come with an educated society, such as careers and technology use.
  4. Schools will be meeting the needs of students, parents, and other educators.
  5. Ready for Life after High School

Why Do Schools Need to Be Ready for the Future?

We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. With new technology and tools constantly popping up, we need to teach our students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they will need to be successful in this ever-changing world.

We can’t afford to wait until high school or college to guide our students on how to work with all of these resources.

There are many benefits for schools becoming Future Ready Schools:

1. Personalized Learning: Students will learn how to use their own learning styles and pace them accordingly. This may include analyzing videos from TED talks or other sources, creating a blog about assignments, working together collaboratively with the class through a website, etc. The possibilities are endless!                           

2. Collaborative and Communicative: Students will be given opportunities to work with classmates, parents, and other community members in order to solve problems and accomplish tasks.

3. High Expectations: This goes back to preparing students for college or a career. We need to provide our students with enough academic rigor so that they’ll be able to face the challenges of their future endeavors.

4. Accessibility: The way schools are set up should have all students being accessible to technology no matter what kind of technological abilities they have.

5. Engagement: This is a huge part of Future Ready Schools–making sure that learning environments are engaging for both teachers and students alike! Technology can easily help us do this while also maintaining a competitive edge.

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