What is WakeLock?

WakeLock is a type of system-level power manager. It prevents the phone from going into deep sleep and helps to conserve battery life by ensuring that the device’s CPU stays active when the screen is off (or another app does not have focus). 

The Wakelock mechanism has existed in most Android versions since Android 4.1, but it was never documented or acknowledged publicly until December 2014 with Android 5.0 release. This post will explore what this new feature means for developers and users alike!

Android WakeLock is a great way to keep your phone from going into sleep mode when you don’t want it to. So, if you are using an app on your Android and don’t want the screen to go dark or off, just use the wake lock!

It is important to know how long your phone will be awake before it goes into a deep sleep. You should find out the optimum power save times for when you want to put your device down and pick back up again, or if you don’t plan on using it much at all during that time period. That’s why WakeLock is needed in this situation.

WakeLock is a developer feature built into Android that lets an app force your phone to stay awake so it can carry out some sort of tasks. An app developer can choose to keep the screen awake or switch the screen off but maintain CPU usage in their application for as long as they need.

  1. Android WakeLock is a powerful tool for developers who want to make their app more battery efficient
  2. It’s used to keep the device awake while it runs in the background, so that users can interact with it without having to wake up their phone first
  3. Unlike other tools, Android WakeLock doesn’t drain your battery as quickly because of its low power usage
  4. This means you can use your phone for hours without worrying about running out of juice!
  5. With Android WakeLock, you’ll never have to worry about being interrupted by your own notifications again- just turn on “Do not disturb” mode and let this powerful tool do all the work for you!
  6. There are many reasons why people may need an app like this- from checking email or social media feeds to playing games when they’re bored at home – but no matter what reason you have, we hope that our guide has helped answer any questions that might be keeping you up at night!

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