Best Android Visual Novel Games in 2022

Visual novel is an interesting genre, in which players watch the game like a movie and make decisions in between.

Not Exactly A Hero!

Sick of hearing about super heroes’ fighting stories? Wonder how everyday people live their lives in a superhero universes? Play ‘Not Exactly A Hero!: Interactive Action Story Game’ to find out!

Riley is not exactly a hero

Riley is a substitute agent. He is not a superhero. But he does things for the superheroes. For example, he helps them get dressed when they need to go out and save people. But Riley is like you and me because he also does an ordinary job on the side that pays his bills each month.

Manage your relationship

In the game, you will go through many different encounters with people. One might be your boss who is always stressed from low budget issues. Your team’s new recruit might get on your nerves, too. You may meet people like an ‘Oobur’ driver who has a knack for stirring up other people’s minds and a kebab truck guy with a funny personality. You’ll have to make choices that determine whether or not they are friends or not.

Every play has new elements

The plot will get more complicated as time goes on. You will have a lot of decisions to make. There are lots of choices in this game, which will all build up and determine the ending. There are three starting points, four side character routes, nine different endings, and one bonus route for people who want to do everything. Your choice makes everything happen—you are the protagonist!


  • Intriguing novel-style adventure game
  • Marvel-esque light and witty atmosphere
  • Stylish illustrations drawn by the artist from the game ‘Underworld Office’
  • Unique messenger-style gameplay
  • 4 main characters aside from the player character – many different events and routes based on the interactions with each of the characters
  • 9 different endings + completionism bonus route
  • 32 achievements + 48 collectible illustrations

This is a fun game where you can be a regular person who helps superheroes. You will make many choices and they will either end the game with success or with failure. There are nine different endings, so if you like games that are quirky and smart, then I recommend this one.

Evan’s Remains

Evan’s Remains is a side-scrolling indie game that combines the puzzle and visual novel genre games. Although each remains distinct, they are blended together to create an interesting experience for gamers who enjoy both genres. As you play through Evan’s story, puzzles will alternate with gameplay scenes in order to keep your interest piqued and provide variety during this journey of exploration into Vinca Island’s past which has been hidden away by time itself.

Evan’s Remains is a three-hour long adventure, and it never fails to surprise. Puzzles are tough if they can’t be bypassed by simply climbing over them or walking around. However, the protagonist has a knack for style that will make you stop every few seconds just to watch her hair blow in the wind as she jumps from platform to platform like some sort of goddess who doesn’t need running shoes.

This game combines logic-based platform puzzles with narrative inspired by Japanese graphic adventure games. This is a rare combination that will appeal to gamers who enjoy both platforms and story lines, as well as those looking for something different. The emotions of the player will be challenged as they solve a series of increasingly difficult challenges that require both strategy and problem solving skills to progress through an epic story line while meeting new allies, discovering secrets, and avoiding enemies who are out to stop you at all costs. Multiple saves would be nice but they are not necessary if some of the puzzles prove too difficult.

Argo’s choice

This game has a pretty unique story that builds up based upon the player’s decision. The plot is centered in a world gone dark because of crime and corrupt practices. The game is a must-play for visual novel and noir game lovers. The story is presented through a set of interesting characters in an episode-by-episode manner. A key to playing the game and solving the mysteries is to pay critical attention to the conversation between the characters and their relationships with each other. The story is immersive as the outcome depends on the decisions made by the player at important events.


  • Argo’s choice is a visual novel game that both casual and visual novel lovers can enjoy.
  • It features a deep storytelling experience that provides drama and entertainment.
  • The game is easy to play with a powerful story.
  • There are different endings depending on your choices, and various achievements that add more fun to the gameplay.
  • If you love noir background style, you will love the game more with its noir style text.
  • The game is a game with unique chatting game method.
  • The deeply immersive text in the game presents a short and powerful story.
  • You can play and experience a storyline that changes its ending depending on the choices you make.
  • There are various achievements and hidden stories which can be unlocked.

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney follows Phoenix Wright’s story – a successful lawyer who has no issues solving the world’s hardest cases. The story involves lots of clues, hidden objects and point click adventures. Your role is to solve cases based on the clues you discover.

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