VATOS Hot Air Balloon Puzzles: The Reviews

These puzzles are a great way to introduce kids to the beauty of hot air ballooning. The VATOS Hot Air Balloon Puzzles have been designed for children aged 14 and up anad adults. They’re perfect for those who love scavenger hunts, or just want something cute to put on their desk!

Hot air balloons are airborne with a buoyant material, usually heated air, that keeps it afloat. The heat from the air can be created by an open flame or by an electrical heating element. The hot air is usually lighter than cold air and so can keep the balloon in the sky. This is why you often see hot air balloons at festivals and celebrations.

As well as making for beautiful photographs and offering an excellent way to get above it all – they also make for great puzzles! VATOS Hot Air Balloon Puzzles have the design implemented into pieces waiting for you to solve.

VATOS Hot Air Balloon Puzzles
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1000-pieces hard mode puzzles

The finished size of the puzzles is 27.56″ x 19.69″/70*50cm, which makes it easy to display on a desk or table top when they’re completed!

Each puzzle contains 1000 pieces and includes one poster with all of the different balloon styles displayed so you can know what each clue means before you start.

High-quality materials

The puzzles are made of high quality material, non-toxic. You could also turn them into a game and try solving the puzzle with family or friends!

Great for family game night!

Some people may not know this, but a great way to bond with your loved ones is through playing games together. One game that has been used for generations and continues to be popular today is the puzzle board game. It’s an intellectual activity that challenges you intellectually while also exercising sensory coordination skills and can help grow close relationships between family or friends who are working on completing it together!

What’s in the box? One large 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle that will paint a beautiful picture of this once-in-a-lifetime experience while fulfilling your childhood dream of being an astronaut! With so many pictures and different textures going from yellows, oranges, blues and grays; there’s no way you’ll be bored.

Help training logic

The VATOS Hot Air Balloon Puzzles are a great tool for training logic. I’m not sure if this is the intention of the company, but to me, they’re a fun way to get used to following clues in order to solve puzzles. It’s also an effective way to increase hand-eye coordination and help develop fine motor skills.

Puzzles are fun, and they can train your brain to think. They make you use your judgment and patience.

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