Types Of Pants For Men

If you’re looking for a new pair of pants, it can be hard to know where to start. This is especially true if you don’t have much experience with the different types of men’s clothing out there. From skinny jeans and chinos to cargo pants and dress slacks, there are so many options! In this guide, we will discuss the various types of men’s pants available on the market today.

Chinos: Chinos are a men’s pant that has been popular for decades. The fabric is usually cotton or wool, but other materials can be used as well. They come in all different lengths and colors.

Cords: Cords are typically made of corduroy material and have an ankle-length cut with cuffs at the bottom to keep them from dragging on the ground when you walk or sit down. These pants look good with shoes like sneakers, oxfords, loafers, dress boots… just about any shoe!

Drawstring Trousing/Slim Fit Pants: Drawstring trousers (or elastic waistband jeans) should not technically fall into this list because they do not match many people’s definition of “pants.” However, if you are looking for a slim-fit athleisure pant, these should certainly be on your short list.

Wool Trousers: Wool trousers are great if you want to give off an old school look or don’t care about the latest trends and just want something that’s comfortable.

Relaxed Leg Trousers/Joggers/Sweatpants: These pants can actually come in really handy during colder seasons when dressing up isn’t always necessary, but activewear is required. You’re going to get more wear out of jogger pants than sweatpants because they have an elastic waistband and typically sit higher on the hip area while being looser around the ankle than sweatpants would be

Cropped Trousers: Cropped trousers are just pants that hit right at the ankle or a few inches above. They can be worn with any type of shoe, but typically go well with dress shoes and boots

Cargo Pants: Cargo pants (or cargo shorts) have an expandable waistband in addition to many pockets on either side. The idea is you wear these as your everyday kind of pant because they’re so convenient for carrying around things like keys, wallets, cell phones… anything!

High-Waisted Trousers/Pleated Trousers: These types of men’s pants come up higher than regular trousers do – sometimes even reaching all the way to your chest area. They usually sit below the hips and look great paired with a blazer or a sweater.

Tracksuit Bottoms: These are typically made of fleece and have elastic around the waist area. They serve as your everyday kind of pant because they’re so convenient for carrying around things like keys, wallets, cell phones… anything!

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