Types of Office Equipment

Do you own an office? If so, then there are a few things that you need to make sure it has. Some of these items would be furniture and electronics. But what about office equipment? What is the difference between office equipment and other types of equipment, like furniture or electronics? Office Equipment includes anything related to running your business efficiently in an office setting. This can include printers, phones, fax machines, scanners and more! In this blog post we will go over some different types of office equipment that every business should have if they want their staff members to be productive at work.

  • Computer: Computers are an essential piece of equipment for any office. They help with communication and keeping track of important information in the workplace, which is why many offices have one or two computers per person.
  • Computer Accessories: Computer accessories include anything that plugs into a computer to make it run better or faster, like webcam, mics and other devices. These products are usually found on the same desk as the computer and can be stored in drawers or a cabinet.
  • Router: A router is an office item that isn’t often thought of, but it’s important if you want to use your internet connection at home or work for more than one device like a phone, laptop and desktop all together without slowing down. It creates multiple connections so they’re strong enough to handle everything being done online.
  • Printer: Printers are used by many offices because things get printed off all day long! There are different types of printers out there with various features and specialties – some might be better suited for photos while others may print documents well. You’ll need this piece of equipment no matter what type of printer you choose.
  • Scanner: A scanner is a machine that turns images and documents into digital versions of themselves so they can be shared with others or printed off to make copies! They’re very handy for storing things on the computer, but it’s always worth keeping backups in case something happens.
  • Photocopier: Photocopiers are machines usually found at home or work used for copying text onto another medium like paper. This office item might not seem as important now since we have printers – but back when photocopiers were first invented there was no such thing as computers!
  • Desk: Desks come in all shapes and sizes depending on what type you need them for – some desks are big enough to fit two people while others are small enough for one person. Either way, almost every office has at least one desk and sometimes you’ll find a row of desks lined up together to save on space!
  • Chair(s): A chair is an essential piece of equipment in any setting – they come with or without arms depending on who will be using it but can also have wheels if someone needs them to move around easily during the day.
  • Filing cabinet(s): File cabinets are used by many offices because people need places to store their important documents like birth certificates and tax returns. There’s usually only a few per room but it depends how big that particular office is!
  • Bookcase(s): Bookcases are another type of furniture found in most businesses these days because not everyone has enough room for bookshelves or shelves in their homes. They can be used to store things like office supplies and other items that might fit on the shelf, but it’s always worth measuring so you don’t end up buying something too big!
  • Paper: Paper is a staple of any office – as well as anyone who does anything with writing at home or work. It comes in many different sizes and colors depending mainly on what type of paper people need most often (white copy paper, letterhead).
  • Envelopes and/or shipping boxes: These are perfect if someone needs to send out packages from their workplace by mail since they come pre-made with an address label right on them. You usually find these in an office or on the shipping floor.
  • Post-it notes: Post-it notes are always handy to have around because they’re great for remembering important information when you need it! They come in various sizes and shapes, but usually a pack of three is enough to go around.
  • Index cards: Index cards might seem old fashioned now with computers – but people still use them today if they want something written down that can be easily erased like a grocery list. This piece of equipment is often found near desks so someone can quickly write things down before going out shopping, then erase all their handwritten words once everything’s done.
  • Whiteboard(s): Whiteboards are used by many offices nowadays as well since this type of product has plenty of uses – some examples are brainstorming sessions, making a to-do list or a mindmap.
  • Table: Tables can be used in an office for so many reasons like eating lunch on the go with coworkers and taking important phone calls that need privacy. A table is usually found near desks where people might gather to work together but there’s also the possibility that a table is only found in one spot of the office.
  • Notepads: This is a type of office equipment that has many uses – people sometimes use them to take notes during meetings and other times they’re used as scratch paper for temporary notes.
  • Business cards: Business cards are a must-have for many offices since they’re often used to distribute contact information, keep track of business contacts and make new connections. They come in many different shapes and sizes but it’s always good to have extras on hand!
  • Stamps: Stamps or postmarking machines might not be needed anymore with email taking over – but if someone needs something sent by mail then this is an essential piece of equipment!
  • Three-hole punch: This type of tool usually comes built into the desk so people can easily cut papers down without any hassle. The three holes punched together allow documents that need filing to stay organized as well so no one gets lost in the mess.
  • Pens and pencils: Pens are an office staple because they’re needed to write anything that has to do with writing! Pencils can be used for other purposes, but pens come in bulk packs of 12 which is perfect if someone needs a lot of them on hand at once.
  • Stapler: A stapler may seem like a very simple piece of equipment – but it’s necessary when people need something fastened together (like papers) without any hassle or fuss. It also comes with staples so you don’t have to buy those separately!
  • Paperclips: These items often clip stacks of paper together so you know what document belongs where without having to go through everything first – or risk losing important papers altogether!
  • Scissors: These are used for many different things like opening mail and crafting, but they’re most often found in an office as a way to quickly cut down paper. Scissors might be one of the more popular items since you can find all sorts of colors – there’s even ones that have been designed with ergonomic handles for comfort while working long hours at a desk!
  • Batteries: Batteries come in various sizes so it makes sense that some offices will need them on hand because this piece is just another tool to keep everything running smoothly. There are also rechargeable batteries which make life simpler if someone doesn’t want to constantly replace their stock when the power runs out.
  • Binders: Binders are a must-have in any office because they come in all different colors, shapes and sizes – people can use them for folders containing papers or even to store important information.
  • Tape: Tape comes with many purposes depending on what someone is doing at that moment but it’s usually used as an adhesive so anything doesn’t fall apart. There may be some offices out there who don’t have the need for tape anymore since things like emails have taken over – but just keep one around if you want!
  • Paper trays: Paper trays often come with drawers which provide storage space where paper goods go once they’ve been finished being used. This might seem like a simple piece of equipment, but the ability to stay organized makes all the difference!
  • Coffee maker: A coffee maker might be one of the most popular items in an office because it comes with many different features to satisfy every type of drinker. Plus, a mug and coaster are always needed since people need somewhere to put their hot drinks when they’re done so things don’t get too messy.
  • Mini-fridge: This item is used as storage space where people can keep anything from cold water (or other beverages) or even snacks without any hassle. The mini-fridge is a great idea for those who need to stay on the go and it’s one of the more popular items in an office!
  • Typewriter: This item might seem like something out of place, but there are some offices that still use them – especially if they’re old enough to have never switched over to computers. Typing can get frustrating after awhile so people often take breaks by doing errands or tasks around their workplace instead.
  • Calendar: A calendar can be used as another way to keep up with what day it is as well as provide information about different events happening down the road (or even far away). It also helps when someone wants a quick reminder for things that are coming up.
  • Fax machine: This item is outdated since most people prefer to send emails instead, but a fax machine might be used as an archive for those rare times when someone has to print out something off of the computer and scan it in order not to lose anything from their hard work.
  • Calculator: Another great way for office workers to keep on top of things like finances or invoices is with a calculator – usually businesses have plenty because they never know who will need one at any given time! The calculator can also come in handy for math-related tasks that may pop up during the day.

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