Types of Korean Dramas

What do you get when you mix a diverse culture with an equally diverse entertainment industry? The answer is Korean dramas. These are a type of television show that is wildly popular across the globe, and they come in many different flavors. From romantic comedies to suspenseful thrillers, it seems like there’s something for everyone! In this blog post, we will discuss different types of Korean dramas that have been made over the years.

Action: Action dramas are typically about a protagonist who has to fight against the odds for some reason or another. This type of show might also have an underlying theme like revenge, saving lives, and so on. They usually take place in modern times such as contemporary Seoul but can be set during other periods too if needed!

Romance: These dramas center around romantic relationships between two people and often involve intense scenes where one person is pursuing the other due to unrequited feelings or vice versa. Some famous examples include “You’re Beautiful” which deals with love among four friends and their attempts at finding happiness together, while others showcase pure romance such as “The Heirs,” which follows three young Korean heir candidates vying for a spot in Korea’s inheritance war zone.

Comedy: Comedy dramas are usually lighter in tone and might have comedic elements like misunderstandings, hidden identities, or unexpected circumstances. Famous examples include “It’s Okay, That’s Love” which tells the story of a man with multiple personality disorder who is trying his best to help those around him and recover from his mental illness while also falling for another woman; it has been called one of the most popular Korean dramas ever made!

Romantic comedies: these dramas revolve around romances and the comedic moments that sometimes arise. Famous examples include “My Love from Another Star” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

Horror: These types of shows usually focus on aspects such as ghosts, curses, and other frightening things that go bump in the night. They can be set anywhere but often take place in modern day Seoul where there seems to be something terribly wrong going on all the time!

Legal: These dramas typically follow the lives of prosecutors, defense attorneys, or police officers and their investigations into crime scenes. They might also deal with things like corruption in a political office or injustice in society as they explore how people can find justice within an unjust world.

Time Travel: These stories usually involve something that allows someone to go back in time at some point to undo an event that happened in the past. Usually, there is a main protagonist who travels back and forth from one timeline to another with various consequences as they try their best to fix what went wrong!

School-based: These dramas usually involve some sort of school or university setting where students attend classes while also navigating relationships between themselves and faculty members. Famous examples of this type include “School 2013” which tells the story about a group of teenagers trying to survive their senior year in one of the worst education systems in the world.

Campus: These dramas typically focus on a group of students and their lives both inside and outside the school while they go through things like friendship, relationships, breakups, and other typical life events.

Fantasy/historical: These are often set in a historical period or take place in an imaginary world with some form of magical or supernatural themes. An example is “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Suspenseful thrillers: These dramas typically feature crime or suspense as a major element of their story and are often quite dark in nature. They might be about detectives, crime families, or any other type of criminal activity.

Medical melodrama: One popular drama that falls into this category is “Doctors,” which revolves around doctors fighting to save patients’ lives at an emergency center. It’s one of the most popular Korean dramas ever made!

Family dramedies: these stories tend to focus on family life or illustrate comedic elements within it while retaining dramatic qualities such as marriage problems and estranged relatives coming back together for various reasons.

Historical dramas: These have been popular in Korea since the 1980s and often involve some sort of royal family or dynasty set during a certain period of time. Examples include “Jewel in the Palace” which is about an emperor’s concubine, as well as “The King and I,” which tells one woman’s story from ancient to modern times.

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