5 Types of Anime

Anime is one of the most popular forms of animation in the world, and has been for decades. The first anime production was made in 19th century, so people have had plenty of time to get into it! There are many different genres which span various styles like action, comedy, drama, romance and horror. Some common ones include shounen (boy), shoujo (girl), seinen (adult male), josei (adult female), adn kodomomuke.

Some people might think that there’s no point in trying to understand Japanese culture if you can’t speak the language fluently or read kana characters. But this simply isn’t true! Anime is a great way to learn about Japan through both the stories and the visuals.


There are a lot of different shounen anime series on the market. Some examples include One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Shounen anime is targeted towards boys in their teens or young adulthood. It usually has an adventurous storyline with a male protagonist that goes to great lengths for achieving goals related to justice or personal growth while fighting off enemies. The style of animation is usually more on the action-heavy side with a lot of fighting scenes and dramatic moments.

Shounen anime typically has a straightforward storyline, which can make it very easy to watch for people who are not used to Japanese culture or language. It’s also often easier to follow than seinen because shounen doesn’t have as many complex themes or mature content like sex, drugs and violence that could be triggering for some audiences. However, this may mean you miss out on some subtleties relating specifically to Japanese society if you only stick to shounen series! 


One of the most popular genres, shoujo is typically a genre targeted at girls. It’s often used to explore coming-of-age topics such as romance and drama. There are many different themes in these types of anime: some may be lighter with more comedy or even have magical elements while others might focus on darker issues like death or abuse.

A good way to see if an anime falls under the category is by looking for symbols that show up frequently: flowers, ribbons, sparkles and stars often signify this type of animation! A lot of times there will also be a quote from someone who has been touched by it because they’re readily available online without needing subtitles. This genre can encompass both complicated feelings or even more simple emotions like romance.

It’s also important to remember that the term “shoujo” is a general one, and there are plenty of other sub-genres for this type of anime!


The seinen genre is typically for adult males, and can be a way to explore more mature themes like death or war. This type of anime often has darker tones than shoujo as well as more complex storylines that rely on different perspectives.

Seinen can sometimes have some action sequences, but the focus usually lies in exploring how people react when thrown into certain situations. Violence might come up in these types of shows because it’s a part of life…but just because there are scenes with violence doesn’t mean they’re appropriate for younger audiences! It’s important not to view this category through rose-tinted glasses: while there may be stories about fighting against an oppressive society, there could also be content which deals with bullying or abuse.


A josei anime typically targets adult females, and may explore topics like family life. Although the stories can be dramatic or even comedic at times, it’s also a genre that includes slice-of-life content which is more peaceful in nature. This type of series might contain scenes with children playing as well as parents dealing with typical household issues such as laundry and cooking dinner!

Themes often include romance between adults (although not exclusively!) but might stay away from anything too graphic because they’re intended for an older demographic.

This category usually contains less violence than seinen so although there may be some action, it’ll be a lot more mild than what you might see in other series.


Kodomomuke is a genre of anime that’s often targeted towards young children. Themes in these types of series usually revolve around playing or exploring the natural world with animals and other creatures.

These are typically more lighthearted, comedic shows which might not have much dialogue to them at all!

This category also includes what can be described as “cute” anime: it usually has adorable characters with big eyes who spout cute one-liners on occasion. These ones could also include magical elements like talking animals or girls flying on fairy wings! It’s important to note that this type of animation isn’t necessarily for all ages though…as there may be some violence depicted even if it doesn’t happen very often.

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