Different Types Of Accessories for Android Phones and Tablets

A phone must be complemented by accessories.

Cases and covers

This is by far the most important accessory to consider for your smartphone. It makes no difference how much you spend on it. Sooner or later, you will bump into things or drop it – it happens. This is not 1999 anymore – you can no longer drop your Nokia on a hard floor, gather all the pieces, put it together and turn it back on. Instead, you will drop your smartphone, crack the screen and pay a fortune for replacement.

Simply put, a case or a cover will prolong the lifespan on your device. Fortunately, there are loads of options out there – pouches, sleeves, bumpers, straps and so on, not to mention the designs.

Selfie sticks

A selfie stick is great, even if you are not the type who takes too many selfies. Sooner or later, you will wish you had one. It could be on a great day out or perhaps on an exotic holiday with your partner. It might be a great event or a celebration. Even if those selfies are not for your Instagram, they are still nice to have to share with your friends and family.

The selfie stick allows a great reach and better angles, as well as some flexibility.

Chargers and external batteries

The battery life is often overlooked, but it is what keeps your phone running. You want a great battery for your phone, especially if you are the type who drains it within less than a day. Your phone is dependent on a good battery. Whether you are on holiday, traveling or ready for a long day at work, you want enough juice.

Camera lenses

Mobile photography is a thing today – no longer a random hobby. Smartphones are enhanced with superior cameras that can make the difference. At this point, a photography enthusiast will obviously require some extras – you can get lenses with extra features, such as optical zooms, smart flashes or the ability to take pictures through an application.

HDMI cables

New smartphones come with HDMI capability, as well as the possibility to project presentations, videos and so on. This option is great for those who need to present reports and videos for their workplace. Even if your phone does not support HDMI, you can find USB to HDMI converters as well.


A tripod is a must if you are into photography. Sure, you are less likely to need one if you only take random pictures for your Instagram, but things can escalate pretty quickly once you discover the camera capabilities of your smartphone.

While you may be able to hold the phone still, shakiness is still normal. The tripod will clear this issue and provide a sharper image. Mount the device on the tripod, frame the subject and set the timer. Your camera will take care of everything else. Believe it or not, the difference in clarity and sharpness will be pretty obvious.​

Screen protectors

A phone’s screen is one of the weakest part of a phone. It should always need to be protected. Having a small scratch on your phone is like having a scar on your face. A screen protector can keep the surface pristine.

Game controllers

Mobile is the game platform of both casual and hardcore gamers. That’s why an accessory which help users enhance gaming experience is welcomed. A game controller can be attached to an Android device and provide external input instead of virtual touch buttons.


Android phone and tablet is not only for communication and entertainment but also for work. That’s why a keyboard will help a lot.

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