Top Websites for Teachers to Find Lesson Plans

Teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach their students. They have no time to build every lesson from the ground up. It’s sometimes more advantageous to embrace the knowledge of others who’ve honed their techniques over time and adapt and modify them as required. There are many different websites that teachers can use to find lesson plans, teaching resources, teaching strategies, and even ideas for what they should do in the classroom every day! These websites include:


Often, teachers are baking in professional isolation. We all could use the push of a peer who offers firsthand experience and insight from lessons learned. BetterLesson is an online community for professional educators- you can find the wisdom of tutorials on everything from implementing maker space projects to fostering student creativity, as well as discussion forums with members chatting about a variety of lesson planning strategies.

Members have access to unlimited downloads on resources, tools, and content provided by master teachers that will bring new perspectives into your teaching practice. You’ll realize how helpful this vetted support network can be as you watch some videos or read some best practices straight from experts in the classroom who are eager to share their knowledge.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a service that allows teachers to supplement their lessons with lesson materials, whether they’re using online textbooks or PowerPoint presentations. We all know how time-consuming it can be for teachers to find the necessary material they need for their lessons–especially if they are not working within an established curriculum like Common Core Standards!

PBS LearningMedia provides over 10,000 pre-selected and expertly vetted resources (and millions of total pages) across many topics and levels. With one click you get video clips, teacher guides, articles, and other support materials curated by our team of educators.

You also have options such as uploading your own content to share with colleagues in another district who may benefit from adapting it for their needs—or making adaptations of your own, which you can share with other members on PBS LearningMedia.

PowerMyLearning Connect

PowerMyLearning Connect is a new web-based learning tool that helps you to engage kids for fun and teaching. Organize your lessons with our curated list of video content, easily create or upload playlists, share them through your Learning Space, and get helpful feedback from other teachers.

PowerMyLearning has it all: searchable videos categorized by subject area; quizzes; discussion boards; professional development modules; and more than 200 vetted third-party providers like TED Talks, Khan Academy, and NASA Education Videos. From math to science to art appreciation lessons, they’ve got it covered!


Peekapak is an astonishingly clever product that reduces clutter in the classroom by providing teachers with all of their necessary materials for successful SEL units. With thought-provoking social and emotional lessons available, this box will help you turn your students into self-aware learners while also making your life much easier.

Peekapak makes teaching social and emotional learning easy! Each set of Peekapaks includes a survey, discussion prompts, and craft projects to help build character in all learners. Detailed lesson topics like mindfulness and gratitude make sure that kids at schools large or small can find skills tailored for them.”

Curriculum Pathways

Curriculum Pathways is the answer to what educators need. Supplementing, aligning, and enhancing core subjects means more personalized learning with convenient tools for teachers. It’s all accessible in one place every time you log on to their site (I mean who wants to spend valuable teaching time flipping through stacks of paper while your students are taking notes?).

Curriculum Pathways offers lots of content- just not always the best variety or the most engaging interactive lessons.


LearnZillion is a website that offers teachers and students high-quality, Common Core-aligned lessons. Students can learn at their own pace with quality instruction from the first grade to the fifth grade math and language arts standards. It’s easy for teachers to customize learning for individual needs by adding subtitles, challenging word problems, or staying on one topic for a specific amount of time. By accessing both short videos demonstrating core skills as well as interactive readings that provide context, you end up with critical thinking skills needed in today’s workforce as well as improved reading comprehension rates! The benefits don’t stop there – no more grading papers yourself outside of class time because students have already shown you what they know using real world application questions so you can hone in on those skills.

OER Commons

All educators have a wealth of resources at their fingertips with the launch of OER Commons. Available for free via the website, blogs, and social media, this impressive resource will open access to quality materials by providing links to more than one thousand web-based courses from educational institutions around the world.

From university lectures on sustainable architecture to lessons on the ten principles that characterize high-performing schools in developing countries, this library has something in store for every level and type of educator—each course aims to make teaching in our classrooms easier and more accessible.

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