Top 10 Resources for Teaching Life Skills

The first step to teaching life skills is understanding what they are. Life skills are the general knowledge and abilities that people need in order to take care of themselves, their family, and their community.

Some of these include cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries or clothes, managing money responsibly; other examples include coping with stress or conflict situations. The type of life skill depends on the person’s age and stage in life. But anyone can learn a new life skill if they know where to find it! These resources will help you teach your children or students about everything from money management to cooking healthy meals at home.


Introducing GCFGlobal, your gateway to free-of-charge courses that teach essential skills for modern life. Whether you’re looking for a career partner or just want an expert’s take on how to conquer Mt. Everest, GCFGlobal is the place to be!

Topics include cooking, finance, sailing, technology, and more – whatever you’re into from dancing Ballroom salsa to starting a construction company in India. Check out this site today and find yourself a new skillful self!

Google Applied Digital Skills

With an exhaustive range of classes such as “Internet research” and “Computer games,” this lesson plan is perfect for instructing students in the art of digitally literate living. Unlike traditional curriculum, Google Applied Digital Skills allows teachers to choose what digital skills they want to teach and how they want to structure their lessons—an innovative opportunity that’s sure to leave all learners equipped with 21st-century marketing tools.


FitMoney is a grounded financial literacy curriculum that offers easy implementation. This program provides the basics in every aspect of your financial life. With this free, comprehensive resource, students are empowered to create their very own plan for succeeding in high school and beyond.

Fitmoney is worth checking out especially if you don’t have it yet! It’s FREE and can be plugged into any classroom so no worries there!

Four little corners

Let’s take a look at the product and see what we can find. Four little corners… Okay these shapes are cute and could be excellent to use in your daycare or preschool because the story has wonderful messages about inclusion, tolerance, and having friends that might not always be exactly like you. What other sorts of lessons do you want to teach with this book? Put on your thinking caps!

Toca Tea Party

It’s party time with Toca Tea Party! With many different characters to invite, three settings in which they can sip, chat and eat together around the beautifully designed table, it’s never been so easy to get excited about making new friends.

Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers is a graphic novel for tweens that will help them develop emotional intelligence. A colt has some big dreams but his impulsivity gets him in trouble with the pony who takes care of him, Dingus. To get back at her for scolding him, he opens up an entire box of cookies while she’s gone!

But on the journey of getting revenge, he starts to reap some unexpected consequences… through mindfulness and self-control activities like meditation lessons and visual timers on screen every once in a while our listeners are given additional tools to practice things like gratefulness or forgiveness on their own terms instead of following someone else’s rules.

Vital Signs

Can you make your next visit to the doctor’s office more interesting? Take a hint from these ELA lessons, Vital Signs! In this medical clinic simulation game, students will need to read instructions and answer questions about their condition.

The result? A realistic lesson plan that guides them through the day-to-day operations of a medical office – plus plenty of fun along the way. Your literacy skills have never looked so good!

Mindprint Learning

This product provides individualized feedback and tools tailored to your specific needs. A child, parent, or educator can visit the Mindprint Shop and select a set of Normed Digital Assessments to create their own personalized learning profile.

From there, they will receive customized recommendations for learning activities with built-in lessons and support from expert contributors who want to get them on the right track!


So much more than a way to teach – LearnStorm is a tool that empowers students, parents, and teachers alike. Guaranteed to ignite academic confidence and ambition with its customizable lessons that concern the entire range of human experience.


The Pairin program was developed by educators and psychologists to provide a way for students to take an honest self-evaluation of who they are, where their strengths lie, and what they need most in order to grow.

This robust personality survey allows teachers access to over 1,000 psychometric questions that can be used in class or at home with parental consent. The Pairin system also comes with summary reports for parents so they will understand how their child’s traits play out in real life.

These surveys are designed for kids because it is important that we allow preteens the freedom to explore themselves while recognizing that all people learn differently.

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