8 Top Productivity Tools for Back-to-School

It’s the time of year again when students are heading back to school, teachers are preparing for a new semester, and parents are scrambling to get their kids ready. For all three groups, there is always the constant challenge of staying on top of everything while finding ways to be more productive. The following list includes our favorite apps that can help with this!


You work with technology, so why not use it as a tool to organize and share your ideas? The Notion notebook brings the easy customization of digital note-taking and shares it on paper. You can insert docs and illustrations into your print page just how they’re organized in your computer file for easy reference without having to dig around through jackets or backpacks. With this cool swiss army knife, everything you want at your fingertips is always within reach!


The Rocketbook is a portable notebook that lets you write, draw, and scan pages with perpetual reusability. Pages are erasable forever because of the innovative Ecosystem. Meaning document creation can happen anywhere – on the go or in class.

All archived pages are stored in the cloud for easy retrieval like digital editions to be used or shared at any time without ever needing to delete anything! Hassle-free organization coupled with hands-on experiences makes learning fun again; plus homework will be done right away too! Your students’ journeys start here by giving them one less thing to worry about.


Evernote is the simplest way to organize your life online. With Evernote, you can clip what you find on the web and store it in checklists or notebooks so that students’ materials are always at their fingertips. It helps students get more details about assignments by instantly checking out what other people say through its social media integration.

Teachers love learning how to easily take important notes like they’re used to taking them on paper with their stylus pen for hand-drawn sketches, voice recordings, typed notes or photos; upload files; share content with others including fellow faculty members across departments; and use search features to quickly locate anything they’ve written previously–the familiar feeling of not having piles of papers around while teaching!

Students find eternal value with the ability to stay organized from the start of a project until it’s completed, saved, and shared thanks to Evernote.

Google Drive

Teachers and students alike agree that it’s always better to work together. Google Drive helps by making files accessible from any device while enabling collaboration on the same document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing at the same time! Files can be shared with anyone which makes communication run more smoothly between everyone in the class. It can’t get any easier than that!


Symbaloo is the simplest and most resourceful way to organize your favorite educational links in one place. 

Simply add a new activity or content focal point and Symbaloo will show you where it goes, so you know exactly what’s available around that topic. This latest version includes very handy guides, which can be easily created on any device with a web browser at hand! 

Create grids custom-tailored for specific topics from more than 100 different sites, shared by fellow educators throughout the world. Get unlimited grids of all shapes and sizes for free!


MindMeister’s intuitive design is perfect for adults, making it easy to organize your ideas in a smart location. If you’re an educator or parent who needs an effective organizational tool for kids, MindMeister can be used with ease by older children.

The last thing I want on my mind when I’m stuck with homework are big words and difficult concepts that have no meaning to me at all. MindMeister combines text plus interactive diagrams so there are always cool visuals to understand new ideas quickly. Strengthening my study skills has never been so fun before!

iHomework 2

iHomework 2 is the reward-worthy, digital organization tool every student needs to get ahead of school. With a planner that can be customized by date and class, this flexible system offers a personalized experience, while being easy to navigate and use even for people who have never before used a digital calendar.

Teachers keep track of due dates throughout the semester in order to routinely check for accuracy so students get the grades they deserve. This innovative app brings unprecedented peace of mind with its ability to coordinate tasks from homework assignment reminders to exams complete with help from parents so kids are prepared from day one.


Educreations is a web-based, easy to use whiteboard tool that lets you create presentations on the fly. Educrees is perfect for homeschoolers, business leaders, and teachers who want to convey information in an engaging way with simple tools at their fingertips. Both students and teachers can collaborate in real time with this great tool which makes making lessons interactive and fun.

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