Tiger Woods’ Hobbies

  • Diving, Spear fishing and Physical Fitness

Among his many hobbies, diving, spear fishing, and physical fitness stand out as some of his favorites.

Diving and spear fishing have been long-time passions for Woods. He’s been known to take trips to exotic locations around the world specifically to indulge in these activities. In fact, he’s even been spotted wearing a wetsuit and carrying a spear gun on some of his travels. Woods has talked about how he enjoys the peacefulness of being underwater and the thrill of hunting for fish with a spear.

In addition to diving and spear fishing, Woods is also known for his commitment to physical fitness. He’s been a fitness enthusiast for much of his life, and he’s even created his own workout routines to stay in top shape. Woods is a big fan of weightlifting and cardio workouts, and he’s also known to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Woods has talked about how his love for physical fitness and working out helps him on the golf course. He’s said that being in top physical condition helps him maintain his focus and stamina during long rounds of golf, which can last for hours at a time. Woods has also talked about how he enjoys the mental and emotional benefits of exercise, and how it helps him stay sharp and focused on the course.

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