22 Things Kids Love to Collect

Kids love to collect things. Whether they are collecting baseball cards, rocks, or Pokémon cards, kids seem to have a collection of something that is important to them. In this post, we will explore 20 different types of things that most kids like to collect. We hope you enjoy reading about all the different collections and see if your child collects any of these!

Lego: Lego is a popular building toy that are known for their bright colors, variety of shapes and figures, ability to be combined with other pieces in some ways, and the wide range of different themes available.

Toy Cars: Kids love collecting cars. Whether they like Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars there is a lot on offer out there.

Barbies / Dolls: Barbie is a fashion doll that has been around for over 50 years. Since 1959, she has had more than 150 careers and outfits.

Stuffed Animals: Most kids love to collect stuffed animals. They can be so cute and cuddly.

Cartoon Movies: Kids will often have their favorite movies they like watching again and again. Some of the most popular include Star Wars, Frozen, The Lion King, Zootopia, Toy Story, Toy Story II & III.

Happy Meal Toys: McDonald’s Happy Meals are full of great toys from Disney films or Marvel movies such as Spider-Man Homecoming (July 2017), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II (May 2018) etc.. What toy comes with the Happy Meal varies by country.

Coins / Cash: Kids love finding coins and cash, but nowadays it is hard to find any outside of an antique store.

Pokemon Merchandise: Pokemon are a popular collectable for children all over the world with many different forms such as cards, movies, video games etc..

Rocks / Stones: Rocks can be collected from your backyard or nearby park – perfect! But if not near one you might have to go on a hunt in order to get some great rocks that kids will enjoy collecting. They come in so many shapes sizes colors and textures too!

Nintendo Memorabilia: Nintendo has been around for less than 100 years, starting out as just playing card company before adding amusement equipment.

Squishies: Squishies are a newer type of collectable that has really taken off in the last few years, with many different types of squishy toys to enjoy playing with or collecting.

Pokemon Cards: Pokemon cards have been around since 1999 when they were first released by Wizards of the Coast and now there is an ever-growing list you can find on our website covering all your favorite ones!

Beanie Boos: Now Beanie Boos are another popular toy for kids to collect, which started out as just Ty – but this year (2018) saw Funko release their own line so we hope this will appeal more to children then it did before!

Funko Pop!: For those who don’t know, Funko Pop! is a collectable that has been around since 1998 and are the best selling licensed toy in history.

Bouncy Balls: Bouncy balls are inexpensive toys that can be found at most grocery stores or dollar store nowadays – they’re so cheap to buy kids don’t mind when their friends borrow them!

Match Attacks: Match attacks are another newer type of collectables which you basically have stickers on cards with cute pictures like animals, food etc..

Fidget Spinners: Fidget spinners were originally designed as stress-relieving gadgets for people who had ADHD or anxiety issues but then became popular among students. It also now includes fidget cubes which come in different colors and shapes to help calm down and relieve stress.

Dum Dum Lollipop Wrappers: Now this is a type of collectable that has been around for decades, but it’s still just as popular today! Kids will often save up their wrappers from the candy they eat to trade them with friends or parents in order to find some rare ones.

Action Figures: Action figures are another great toy children love collecting – they come in all shapes and sizes too so there really is something out there for everyone who likes these toys.

Key Rings: Key rings might not seem like much at first glance but when you think about how many keys people have on one key ring, then suddenly it becomes more interesting. Plus kids can get creative making their own designs which is always great!

Stamps: Now stamps might seem a little odd to think about collecting but there are plenty of kids out there who love them. Plus they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors which means you can find just the right one for your child’s collection.

Bobble Head Figures: Bobble head figures have been around since 2012 (with their first release being The Walking Dead) and it has been going strong ever since – with some figures selling out faster than others because of how popular these toys are becoming on TV shows like Rick & Morty or Stranger Things this is no surprise either!

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