The Value and Benefits of Collecting First Day Covers

First Day Covers are stamps issued by the post office on the day of issue. They are often collected by stamp collectors, but they can also be used to mark special occasions and milestones in a person’s life. Collecting first day covers is fun and easy, and it provides many benefits for those who enjoy this hobby. In this blog post we will explore their value and six reasons why first day covers make great collectibles!

FDC with Cachets Has More Value

There has been a decline in the value of first-day covers. Change from collectors preferring them with cachets to wanting them without makes this evident.

A cachet is a small design or illustration on a first day cover. The picture should be different from the one on the stamp so that it can easily be identified.

A cachet is intended to increase the stamp’s appeal, usefulness, or amusement. It usually includes a little blurb about the featured stamp on it.

Today, the cachet trend is deeply rooted in modern-day advertising design. Hand painted artist covers are often valued highly due to their unique style and high quality materials used by brands like Artcraft, Artsmaster, Fleetwood etcetera.

Adding a first-day cover (FDC) to your collection is an exciting way to expand it. The FDCs are highly collectible, and there’s no better feeling than finding the perfect one for you; however, these covers can be costly!

You need make sure that you’re buying the real deal by researching what cachet should look like on an authentic envelope before purchasing from dealers or reputable websites.

6 Benefits of Collecting First Day Covers

First Day Covers are Timeless

First Day covers are timeless because they represent an event. The stamp will be valid indefinitely, and it can be traded for other collectible stamps.

First Day Covers are Affordable

Collecting first day covers is affordable even with the high costs of postage these days. A collector can buy many first day covers for the same price as one stamp with classic values.

First Day Covers are Memorable

Collecting first day covers not only provides you with a tangible memory of something that has happened (like your wedding), but it also connects you to others who share their passion for collecting them too!

First Day Covers can be a Hobby

First day covers make great collectibles because they are easy to store and display. They also provide hours of enjoyment for those passionate about this hobby, which is why it makes such an excellent option as a pastime!

First Day Covers have High-Demand Values

The high demand values of first day covers continue to create interest in the hobby too. As more people become interested in stamp collecting or start adding stamps to their collection that commemorate special milestones, the value of these items continues to rise over time.

Stamp Collecting Offers Opportunities for Learning & Growth

Stamp collectors learn so much from researching different types of stamps and watching how their collections grow over time! Collecting first day covers can be an excellent source of learning and growth for stamp collectors.

Thank you for reading our blog post about the six benefits of collecting first day covers! We hope that it has inspired you to pick up this hobby right away, or perhaps even start a new collection today!

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