The Era of Free Education is Coming

In a world where education is constantly being pushed as the key to success, it’s only natural that people would want to get their kids into the best schools possible. And if you can afford it, there are plenty of options for your child: private school tuition or tutors; expensive test prep courses and other enrichment activities; and even college admissions consultants. But what if you can’t afford those things? What do you do then?

Unfortunately, public schools in America have become increasingly segregated by economic status. In many districts, students from wealthier families attend top-ranked public schools while those who need the most help go to struggling ones with high dropout rates and poor performance on state tests. These dual systems create a cycle that makes it ever more difficult for children who need the most help to get the education they deserve.

As educational inequality rises, so does economic inequality. Who can afford to send their child to private school or pay for enrichment activities? Who has access to high-quality public schools? With each passing year, this divide between haves and have-nots grows larger – not just in our schools but in our society at large.

But what if there was a way to ensure that all kids got an equal education, regardless of family income? What if students from poor families could go to college without having to worry about taking out thousands of dollars in loans? And what if everyone had access to topranked classes, no matter where they lived?

That’s the future that many education experts are working toward. And they say that it’s not as far away as you might think.  

The process of fixing our broken system is already underway, led by teachers, policymakers and education entrepreneurs who recognize that free access to high-quality education benefits everyone in society – even those who don’t have school-aged children themselves. In fact, a quality K-12 education is essential for success in higher learning, according to recent studies from Stanford University and others .

In many parts of the country this transformation has already begun. Even if your state doesn’t offer free tuition, there’s still hope: There are many organizations working to expand access to education across the country. From new non-profit startups like EdX and StraighterLine that provide affordable online courses to for-profit companies like 2U that help universities bring their degree online, more educational resources than ever before are becoming available to students without regard for their family income.

Free Education Era is Coming

Experts are working on fixing our broken system. These experts believe that education is something that everyone deserves the right to have, regardless of their economic status. One of the things they are doing is trying to expand access to education across the country. There are many organizations including edX, StraighterLine, and 2U that are providing affordable online courses or bringing universities degrees online.

The benefits of having so many free courses for education at this time in history include more opportunities for people who can’t afford expensive test-prep courses or enrichment activities because colleges are requiring so much work before applying. There is also no need to worry about taking out thousands of dollars in loans because most people can afford anything they want with a few clicks.

So what will the future of education look like? It’s hard to say for sure, but every day it seems that another new organization is emerging with a fresh vision of how we can make education better – and more affordable.

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