The Best Upright Freezers in 2022

An upright freezer is a type of chest freezer with the top half of the door opening upwards. This design makes it easier to stack items on top of one another in an organized fashion, which can be helpful when there’s limited storage space available. Learn more about these appliances below!

  • Upright freezers are less expensive upfront than vertical freezers
  • An upright freezer is more space efficient, which means it will take up less floor space in your home.
  • It’s easier to access items with an upright freezer because you can open the top half of the door without bending over or crouching down.

Buying an upright freezer might seem like a simple decision. However, there are several factors to take into consideration when trying to find the best upright freezer for your home. For example, you’ll want to think about what type of capacity you need, the size of the unit, energy efficiency, and more. Check out this buyer’s guide to learn about these considerations and more!

Capacity: One of the first factors to take into consideration is how large you need your upright freezer to be. Many freezers are available in 4 different sizes, but if you have a larger family or entertain frequently, you might want to go with a larger capacity instead for more storage space.

Size: The size of the unit is another important consideration. This will depend on how much space you have available in your home, where you’re planning to put the unit, and what type of look you want.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is especially important if you don’t want to pay high electricity bills each month. Energy Star rated appliances are more energy efficient than standard freezers, but many people wait until they need a new freezer before looking for Energy Star models because upfront costs can be higher. You’ll find that Energy Star ratings vary depending on the size of the appliance – smaller units use less power than larger ones, so an Energy Star upright freezer might not actually save you as much money as one would think at first glance.

Type of Door: Another factor to take into consideration is how you want the door of your freezer to open. There are three different types of doors available: clear, solid, and glass.

Clear doors allow for a better view inside the freezer so you can quickly see what you have in storage without opening it up every time. A clear door lets light in so it is easy to see what’s stored inside when there isn’t much natural lighting available. Solid or opaque doors don’t let any light in and you won’t be able to see items stored on the top unless you open them, but these tend to be outfitted with LED lighting that helps make contents visible even if there isn’t enough natural light available. Glass doors allow for a full view of the inside, but they are more susceptible to frosting up since glass is a poor insulator.

Best Upright Freezers

Whynter Black CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezer with Lock

Whynter Black CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezer with Lock
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The Whynter CUF-301BK is a fully digital, portable and efficient 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezer with Lock black designed to help you maintain your body weight easily and efficiently with the various features such as an LCD monitor displaying calories burned, distance traveled and time elapsed; pulse grips; compartments that can fit two bottles of wine or 12 cans of pop; adjustable incline that can go from 0 to 10 degrees in 1 degree increments for added challenge when it comes to working out on the treadmill and shock absorption technology in order to lessen impact on your joints.

This space efficient zippy black freezer also comes with 9 workout programs reminiscent of outdoor running courses which will keep you entertained while keeping you fit and healthy as well as a USB port for you to charge your phone or watch as you exercise.

Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer

Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft Stainless Platinum Design Series
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The Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer is a classic freezer that’s perfect for any home with a large space or family. It keeps products naturally frozen in temperatures just below what you can get in the grocery store, so it won’t spoil your cheese or ice cream. 

The illuminated wire shelves allow for easier food selection, and reversible door hinges give you more convenience in storing all of your favorite foods during the summer months when access to the outside world is limited thanks to all sorts of activities outdoors. Adjustable legs keep the freezer balanced on an uneven flooring surface perfectly.

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer
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This product has just about everything you could want in a refrigerator. From its first-class energy efficiency to its easy assembly, the Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer is your trustworthy companion for all of life’s most chilled moments.

Outfitted with an exceptionally aerodynamic front design and reversible door hinge, this appliance will seamlessly blend into any room, no matter which side is nearest the wall or doorway. The wire shelf allows for larger or more irregular shaped items, perfect for someone who likes to cook their own meals but doesn’t have space for a full-sized kitchen cabinet with freezer bin–clearly not an issue with this appliance that offers plenty of storage! With 42dB sound levels and low energy consumption coupled with a 2 year warranty, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Euhomy Upright freezer

Euhomy Upright freezer
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Euhomy mini freezer is the practical choice when you have limited storage spaces at home, but don’t want to miss further conveniences of freezing food! This versatile device can provide an extra unit for your fridge and store any kind of frozen goods. Its internal capacity is large enough to safely accommodate 2 whole chickens with wings outstretched or 5 pounds of shrimp, while its stylish shape allows it be quickly placed anywhere in the kitchen even with less horizontal space. The frost-free coolant system ensures that no moisture ever accumulates on the internal surfaces form ice build-up prevention from condensation 

In addition, this mini refrigerator features rapid cooling technology which keeps your food fresh and will keep preserving nutrients and freshness of your food.

Whynter UDF-139SS

Whynter UDF-139SS 13.8 cu.ft. Energy Star Digital Upright Convertible Deep Stainless Steel Freezer/Refrigerator
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The Whynter UDF-139SS is Innovative in its features. It can be set up to serve as a fridge, freezer or both. This refrigerator has temperature range -35°F-46°F in Refrigerator mode and Quick Freeze mode rapidly cools to -11°F(-24°C) making it the perfect choice for all. Using LED displaying makes it effortless when reading temperatures because all you have to do is press a button!

With size of 14 cu ft., four sliding cabinet shelves, four removable freezer door racks and one slide-out bulk stocking basket, there’s plenty of room for your goods! There is also soft interior lighting so that everything inside looks clean and fresh while some may even say functioning as a night light!

There is also additional top freezer for extra storage capacity, making it easy to see and get what you need!

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