The Best Stacking Games in 2022

Board games are a great way to bond with friends and family, but sometimes you want to play by yourself. If this is the case, then try playing one of these best stacking games! From card games to puzzles, there’s something for everyone in this list.

A lot of people love stacking games because they’re a great way to exercise your brain, relax after long day at work, or share with friends and family. Stacking games are also fun because each one is different from the last.

Our Picks of Top Rated Stacking Games

5 Best Giant Jenga Blocks

There’s nothing like playing a game of Jenga with family and friends so why not make it even better by using these giant sized blocks? These oversized wooden pieces allow for more space between them which is perfect for playing on any surface.

The larger size also makes it easier to stack the blocks higher than normal since they don’t topple as easily. Whether you’re looking for something classic, colorful, themed, or just plain fun there is a Jenga set to fit the bill.

There are many options when it comes to giant Jenga blocks, but here we’ll go over the best five. We’ve taken into account both cost and quality in order to bring you a list of the top picks that will be sure not disappoint your guests or break your budget! 

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (31 pcs)
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Tired of the same old family games? Sick of competing with all those cyber-babysitters who have been policing your every move from the minute you emerged from mom’s womb? Lose a digit because a sibling slammed a door on it?

Fear not! Everyone calls this game “Tanic” for good reason. The Melissa & doug Suspend Family Game is here to save family time and hand eye coordination skills. Designed so every member of the clan can enjoy hours upon hours trying to put as many connectors as possible between their fingers, our balancing game will intrigue any player who enjoys problem solving puzzles and watching families argue about whose fault everything is anyways.

This suspended balance challenge also helps children develop fundamental cognitive skills that will help them succeed in school, work and life in general.

MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set Backyard Game Set Outdoor Game with Carrying Bag

MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set Backyard Game Set Outdoor Game with Carrying Bag
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Having an addicting game on your hands that is sweet to the eye but takes strategy, skill, and focus? Meet Kubb – your newest obsession. 

One of oldest outdoor games still in existence is now more popular than ever, so it’s time you experienced this timeless tradition for yourself.

This set includes everything you need to get started including 4 wooden kubbs per set (2 black kings), 2 red mooses with bail handles for balance- one long curved starburst baton per game, and colored dice -25 inches by 12 inches playboard is made of high quality leather cloth).

Impress both your guests with this classic game that will never go out of style!

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Game Set Toys

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Game Set Toys
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Kids can be creative, challenge their brain development, critical thinking, imagination with magnetic tiles. This new toy includes 40 pieces of magnetic blocks; 16 triangles & 24 squares which is more than enough to create endless possibilities.

You’ll know your kids are happy if they keep playing on this game without getting too bored like other toys made out of plastics or canvases. Our price offers you best value even some stores sell a smaller quantity for a higher price so don’t go far from home!

If your child loves building things and crafting others’ dreamer fantasies come true then this would be an amazing birthday gift set that will always give them something to look forward to at school assembly where they have to sit during the pledge of allegiance.

Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games Building Blocks

Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games Building Blocks for Kids Boys Girls- 48 Pieces
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Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games Building Blocks: It’s a great family game! This colorful and cute set of blocks can be played with up to four players and features a colorful dice. The objective? Carefully remove one block from the tower, make sure you re-position it on top for bonus points, whoever knocks it down first is out!

Lewo Wooden Stacking Blocks is perfect for those times when you need an easy way to keep the kids occupied as well as adults looking for endless hours of fun. 48 blocks come in this excellent box that also doubles as storage after the game is over – whether playing solo or with friends and family, experience quality entertainment like never before with Lewo!

Bounce Battle Wood Edition Game Set

Bounce Battle Wood Edition Game Set - an Addictive Game of Strategy
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Bounce Battle is a quick, skill-based game that anyone can play! It’s very simple to be creative and take charge of your own battles. With 6 different games included in this set, you’ll never get bored! The ultimate party game has lots or social options too – up to 4 players for multiplayer fun! It’s the perfect game for creativity and strategy in one compact box.

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