The Best Stacked Washer & Dryer Units and Stands in 2022

Since the invention of washing machines, dryers have been a convenience for many people. That’s why many households invest in stacking washer and dryer units which are becoming increasingly popular for their space-saving capabilities.

The best stacked washer and dryer units are more than just an appliance purchase; they’re also about being green. As you’ll see below, there are plenty of reasons to consider buying this type of unit if it’s right for your home.

5 Best Stacked Washer & Dryer Units

Swaart Adjustable Fridge Stand

Adjustable Fridge Stand- Dryer Stand- Refrigerator Stand-Mini Fridge Stand- Washer Pedestal-Strong Feet for Washing Machine-Washer Stand-Strong Feet for Fridge- Movable Washer Stand
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This product makes for an ideal choice if you have a refrigerator, a washing machine, dryer, mini fridge or furniture like a crockery cupboard, closet or wardrobe that is taunting you. This adjustable fridge stand can be readjusted to suit different widths (45-75cm) and heights (10-13cm). It’s extra durable. All you need to do is organize and set it according to the instruction manual!

This sleek and modern stylish design provides a convenient, multiple-use option for any space. The round base makes it difficult to knock over or wobble, and the 9 adjustment levels make this refrigerator stand versatile with various heights. It also runs off of water-proof pads which absorb vibrations from appliances such as a washer or dryer which can cause damage if not stabilized during operation – it even boasts 2 layers of protection to reduce wear and tear that’s often experienced when moving heavy objects!

I’SMARTMOON Mini-Fridge-Stand with 4 Wheels and 4 Strong Feet

I'SMARTMOON Mini-Fridge-Stand with 4 Wheels and 4 Strong Feet,Adjustable Dolly Washing Machine Stand Base,for Furniture Portable Refrigerator Dryer Stand BLACK…
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The I’SMARTMOON Mini-Fridge Stand is perfect way to store your kitchen appliance in the laundry room or when moving. The 10.5 – 13 cm height allows space under the unit for shelves, storage bins, and even a washer dryer without having to buy an expensive platform. 

Wheels are located on the base of this unit so it can be easily moved into place without lifting or carrying heavy appliances. It features 4 large feet that are more stable than small plastic feet found with many comparable models at reliable stores around town!

The 4 wheels have anti-vibration pads located underneath them which reduces noise during transport–not only will you save money but also time by not destroying your hardwood floor!s

This product has become a favorite to many people as they make the appliances much more convenient and portable. This unit can also be used as a dryer stand, a refrigerator stand and even as a dolly! Furthermore, it’s space saving design is perfect for small spaces.

CFYLO Universal Mobile Base Dorm Fridge Stand

CFYLO Universal Mobile Base Dorm Fridge Stand with 4 Strong Feet Multi-Functional Adjustable Base for Dryer
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The CFYLO Universal Mobile Base Dorm Fridge Stand can be used for dorm fridges and other appliances. It is adjustable in both dimensions and capacity, with a weight limit of 220 lbs. Compare to another 180lb base: This stand is more easily installed and has 4 feet instead of 3 (variable installation height with the extender), anti-skid pads on all legs, sturdy stainless steel poles; it might be become your best choice!

Anti Vibration Pad with Washer Dryer

Anti Vibration Pad with Washer Dryer 4PCS in One Package
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The washer is on the side of the floor, and the vibration from it shakes your entire house. Your kitchen turns into a thunderstorm every time someone steps on a tile! Are you ready to stop all this madness? Typically it takes 4 pads-2 at each end of your machine-to bring peace back to your household.

This great product comes in two sizes, regular for machines with a 3/4″ thick cabinet and XL for machines with 5/8″ deep cabinets. The pad can be adjusted in height so that its four corners are always positioned horizontally. Put them under your Home depot pedestal washer and avoid any kind of scuffs or damages that would break through even their most stubborn surface chemistry armor!

Mini Fridge Stand Mobile Base

Mini Fridge Stand Mobile Base
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You now have no excuse for not washing your laundry. This mini fridge stand allows you to move those large, heavy appliances around easily and without damaging the flooring or tiles in front of the machine (not that you should be moving them much anyways). You can even use it as a base to put up your dryer against the wall! And don’t worry about bending over and having your clothes fall out; we’ve got plenty of space on this thing for all your clean and folded shirts and sweaters.

Benefits of Stacked Washer & Dryer Units and Stands

A laundry room can be cramped and difficult to use when appliances are not adequately stored or organized within it. For one, washer and dryer units require space for their large capacity (usually at least 60-inches wide).

Secondly, space is needed for the pipes that run from the washer to the drain. This is where a stand comes in. A stand provides an adjustable base for appliances that allow them to be placed closer to each other while still utilizing all available floor space.

These stands also provide protection for bare feet while moving around wet objects which can cause slips and falls.

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