The Best Slide-In Ranges in 2022

Cooking a delicious meal for your family is hard, but you don’t want to use an oven that takes up too much space. The best way to cook a meal without taking up too much space in the kitchen is by using a slide-in range. These ranges offer all of the benefits of traditional ovens and stovetops with none of the drawbacks. Slide-in ranges are perfect for cooking everything from roasts, casseroles, and lasagna to fried chicken or grilled burgers! They’re also great for heating up leftovers or making popcorn on movie night. With so many options available it’s easy to find one that fits into any size kitchen!

5 Best Slide-In Ranges

Summit Appliance REX2051WRT

Summit Appliance REX2051WRT 20
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A Summit appliance REX2051WRT is an extremely versatile oven with sleek design and plenty of cooking space. This easy to use oven has 4 cooking zones, 6 1/2″ 1200 W elements, and a smooth ceramic cooktop for cleaner food releases that are gentle on your hands. The large window offers monitoring without opening the door, so you can scroll through social media while your meal bakes away- there’s nothing like hot pizza rolls ready when you get home!

The porcelain interior provides durable baking spaces without rustic flavors mixing in, leaving just the good bites for everyone to enjoy. This refrigerator of all talents is small enough for tight spaces but shows its capabilities with higher capacity than other medium sized appliances with over 70 cubi cc feet of storage space.

Empava 36 in. Slide-In Gas Range with Convection Oven

Empava 36 in. Slide-In Gas Range with Convection Oven in Stainless Steel
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No more compromises. No more headaches. Just the stove that does it all, giving you plenty of cooking options with four different burner sizes to work with your food instead of against it. 

Come home happy! Give yourself peace of mind knowing this slide-in gas range is protected by DEFENDI® Flame Failure Protection Technology, never letting an unsafe flame near your family or spilling gases into your home’s fresh air supply again. Now easy means safe doesn’t have to mean boring either because this Empava® Slide-In Gas Range includes one of the latest innovations in cooktop flame failures—a new thermocouple auto shutoff protection system that takes care of any unsafe flames before they become a problem for you and yours!

GE Appliances JS645SLSS

GE Appliances JS645SLSS
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Picture lazy Sunday mornings to friends coming over for dinner, all cooked up on this GE Appliances JS645SLSS slide in electric range. The longer-lasting stainless steel surface is easy to clean and provides an excellent tarnish resistance. With five cooktop elements to evenly heat pots and pans, you’ll never again have a burnt meal.

Having two ovens means you can preheat both your standard size dish or your king size dish (or turkey!) at the same time. And that’s not even the best part! You’ll always know if something burns with our state of the art digital countdown timer which displays hours, minutes, seconds, whether it be regular bakeware or convection baking dishes.

LG LSE4616ST 6.3 Cu.Ft. Stainless Smart Convection Range

LG LSE4616ST 6.3 Cu.Ft. Stainless Smart Convection Range
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LG’s 6.3 Cu.Ft Stainless Steel Smart Convection Range with ProBake convection cooking, induction cooktop and EasyClean is your dream kitchen appliance! This range has an advanced cooking system that uses accurate temperatures to produce perfect results every time. The sealed heavy-gauge ceramic glass surface allows you to sear dishes quickly, while the pan drawers pull out smoothly on ball bearings for easy access to pots and pans of all sizes without needing extra counter space; get everything back in order easier than ever before.

With LG’s power boil feature you’ll be able to heat up water or broth quickly like never before at a preset temperature—perfect for getting dinner ready even in a hurry! The True Convection oven gets the job done faster than ever, making it easy for you to get more done in less time.

SAMSUNG NE63T8511SS 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi

SAMSUNG NE63T8511SS 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi
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Cooking just got easier and faster with this Samsung Slide-In Range. With its large, 6.3 cu ft capacity oven, you’ll be able to cook meals in a snap and without hassle thanks to the efficient convection function which distributes heat evenly for an improved cooking result every time. The Front Control lets you monitor your food’s progress from across the room so you can supervise baking or roasting without having to hover over the stovetop.

Benefits of Slide-In Ranges

  • Slide-in ranges are mounted flush with the surrounding cabinetry
  • Their compact size makes them perfect for apartments, smaller kitchens, and RVs
  • They come in a wide variety of styles to match any kitchen decor
  • Offers all of the convenience of a traditional range top or oven without taking up too much space!

What to Look for in a Slide-In Range?

  • Size: Decide how big of a range you will need before making your purchase. Many slide-in ranges come in 30″ and 36″ sizes (the standard size for kitchen appliances is 24″, with 18″-24″ being the most common). But there are also 20″ and 24” slide-in units available.
  • Style: Slide-in ranges come in a variety of styles, so choose the one that will look best with your kitchen’s decor. Some options include electric radiant/convection ovens, gas range tops, or dual fuel ranges that feature both gas and electric cooking rings.
  • Features: If you’re looking for a good way to stay organized, opt for a slide-in range with storage drawer underneath. Some models even have full backsplashes – perfect if you want to make the most out of limited counter space! And if you can’t cook without music consider going with a unit that includes an MP3 plugin.

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