The Best Classroom Technology Tools in 2022

Do you want to make your classroom more engaging? Technology is an important part of education. It can help students learn and teachers teach in new ways, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why we put together this list of the best classroom technology tools for every grade level.

We hope these resources will help you find the perfect tool for your teaching style and needs! Whether you need a way to create interactive lessons or just want some inspiration, there are plenty of options out there that can help bring your class into the 21st century.

Benefits of Classroom Technology Tools

Technology can help you teach in new ways. It can help your students learn. One way it helps is to have interactive lessons that are easy to follow. There are many different tools for this, including the one mentioned in the article that includes a lesson plan with their tool.

Standard benefits:

  • The possibilities for what you can do with technology in the classroom are endless.
  • It’s a creative way to engage students and help them learn more effectively.

Emotional benefits:

  • Students will feel like they’re living in the future and want to come to school every day.
  • Teachers may feel like they’re living in the future, too !

Best Classroom Technology Tools

Google Forms: create and share powerful online surveys and quizzes

Google Forms is a free tool that allows you to create and easily distribute questionnaires, quizzes, polls, and forms.

Create online tests: Create customized tests with questions from your spreadsheet or add multiple-choice questions. Use short answer, numeric response, or essay questions. Quizzes and tests can be made open-ended or required, and you have the option to grade automatically.

Create online surveys: Use Google Forms to create questions for a quick feedback form, a reader survey that visitors anonymously complete on your blog, a NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey that helps you measure customer satisfaction. You can also embed Forms on your site to collect data from anyone with a Google account.

Google Forms is available in 54 languages and works on most browsers, so it’s great for classroom surveys and student feedback.

Glow Doodle – easy whiteboard drawings on your computer screen

Glow Doodle is a free online tool that enables you to draw shapes, write text , create diagrams or flowcharts, and save your creative creations.


  • Create drawings with other people in real time, no matter how far apart you are
  • You can enhance doodles by adding stickers, photos, and more to your creation!

Evernote – take notes anywhere

Evernote is a free tool that allows you to create clips of information from anywhere—books, websites, interviews—so they won’t get lost. You can also collaborate with others by sharing notebooks so many people can edit one document simultaneously. This creates an easy way for students to work together on projects or share resources.

Evernote automatically saves any information you clip, so you can search for past notes or information whenever you need it.


  • Collaborate with others by sharing notebooks and adding your voice to shared notes.
  • Organize clips into useful notebooks (for example: lesson plans, research documents, bookmarks).
  • Search all of your notes inside of Evernote without having to leave each notebook. Our indexing technology means you’ll find what you’re looking for every time!

Class Dojo – gamify the classroom

With the help of Class Dojo, teachers can adopt a more tailored approach to teaching that will change the way they work with their students.

This is a great way to liven up the classroom. Students develop their own avatars, gain and lose points based on their behavior in class, debate methods chosen by the teacher, and other soft skills agreed upon by both parties.

Teachers are faced with increasingly challenging dynamics in schools today where students vary widely in classroom engagement levels, academic abilities, attitudes towards education. For this reason, there’s never been a greater need for educators to be able to build relationships effectively with all types of learners within their classrooms.

Kahoot! – create quizzes

Kahoot! is a great new tool for gathering intelligence on your students. Kahoot! features several different types of quizzes and surveys, so you can assess everything from historical knowledge to current political views. With its simple, clean interface and gamified design, it’s the only data-collection app you need.

All of your research data, response rates, and feedback can be collected in seconds with Kahoot! You have full control over the entire process. Collect answers to questions quickly and efficiently by setting them up in a private group.

Students enjoy it because they are able to access the platform from their home computer or mobile device when not at school, making use of all that free time between classes.

Venngage – create interactive lessions

Use interactive lessons, assessments, and data to better tailor learning experiences. With Venngage you can create infographics of student progress instantly from a variety of different sources or within this rich editor.

Venngage is a learning and assessment platform that allows you to easily create interactive lessons and assessments, as well as embed multimedia content like textbox quizzes, videos, images and more.

With Venngage there’s no need for students to wait around for their next grade either – they can see how they stack up against other participants through real-time feedback on the activity right away so they know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are.

Prezi – create interactive slides

Presentations are boring, but not when you make them with Prezi! With our interactive interface and intuitive design tools, it’s never been easier to create an engaging presentation. You can also publish your work publicly for classmates to access later.

Student presentations are so much more than Power Point with a new name – reform your slides with interactive zoom-able displays, flip through them horizontally or vertically, or even present live on stage!

Teachers will love you for it because Prezi allows students to create presentations that are more creative and exciting than PowerPoint has to offer. Students can also publish their presentations publicly on their account so classmates can come back later and check out someone’s notes if they didn’t stay awake during the lecture.

And don’t worry about trying to find what you’re looking for in a sea of words: just hover over any word and all related information pops right up automatically.

Google Docs – share document

Word processing is no longer an activity that requires students to be confined to their desks with stacks of papers surrounding them. Google Docs has changed the game! Not only does it allow students to work collaboratively on projects, but also teachers can give students immediate feedback without having to deal with printing and scanning documents.

Students love working together in real-time to brainstorm ideas or edit written works, so there’s no need for you to be concerned about their writing quality. As long as they follow your rubric, all of your students will produce great papers.

Teachers will appreciate that Google Docs enables real-time collaboration – this means that rather than handing back graded assignments with comments written by hand, you can provide immediate constructive feedback directly into a shared document which gets seen immediately by the student as changes are made.

Cold Turkey – block websites

The Cold Turkey app is perfect for students who need some serious focus during their school day. The app allows you to block certain sites or the whole internet for periods of time so that your student can be more productive and focused on their work.

Usually, having them turn it on only for short intervals will make a difference in everything from test scores to improved productivity in class writing assignments!

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