Teleport Evility Helps Move Between Gaps Easier in Disgaea 6

The randomness of the map in Disgaea 6 can make it difficult to move between gaps. The Teleport Evility can help with this, making it easier to move around the map.

There are 3 ways to move between gaps in Disgaea 6:

  • Use the Lift and Throw feature to throw an ally to a specific grid.
  • Equip Magical Mini Craft Evility which allows a user to fly. However, it will decrease the character’s status (10% of total statuses).
  • Equip Teleport Evility which allows its user to instantly warp to the destination.

Among the 3 methods, equipping the Teleport Evility is the most suitable one for Auto-Battle.

What is Teleport Evility?

Teleport is a common Evility which consumes 5 points to equip. It allows its user to ignore height and obstacles while moving, including gaps.

How to Get Teleport Evility

The easy way to get the Teleport Evility is to master a character’s Psychic class as a sub-class and then buy it in the Skill Shop.

You can master a sub-class in the Juicy Bar shop without reincarnating to the class like previous Disgaea games.

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