What is Stock Android?

Stock Android is the most common type of Android, which is also called “vanilla” because it has not been customized by a manufacturer.

Stock Android includes features such as:

– The Google Play Store for applications and media content.

– A web browser that displays HTML pages from any site.

Is Stock Android Better?

Many people prefer stock Android over a manufacturer’s customized version. It has been found that manufacturers tend to add features and bloatware that often aren’t needed, use less powerful hardware than the competition (to reduce costs) or offer lower-quality cameras with fewer options for customization.

Some examples of devices running Stock Android are the Nexus series by Google and Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. Some other devices also run an unaltered OS but these have generally been modified in some way usually through rooting their device.

However, many users find it important when buying their next phone to know what type of software will be powering their new purchase. A lot of people like to customize things themselves such as themes, wallpaper, and icons.

For those wanting to buy a Nexus device – the latest versions of Android (currently Marshmallow) are first available on these devices. These phones also have some of the newest features such as Now On Tap which is not found in other manufacturers’ models like Samsung Galaxy S or Sony Xperia Z Ultra XL that may be running an older version of Android (currently Lollipop). For power users who do all their tasks through Google apps, then they will want to stick with a Nexus device for software updates and performance enhancements.

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