17 Smallest Things You Can Collect

Collecting the smallest things you can find is a hobby that many people enjoy. This article will talk about how to start collecting these tiny objects and what some of the best items are to have in your collection.

What is the smallest thing you can collect? If you guessed a grain of rice, then you are wrong. We will explore different examples of what the tiniest things could be.

Collecting things can be for a variety of reasons, and the items you collect will take on special meaning. Keeping these treasured collections in a safety deposit box is recommended. When they are secured, they are protected from damage or theft. These smallest items are easy to store because they don’t take up too much space.


A Stamp is a small piece of paper that has been printed with ink and will have an adhesive on the back. The stamp can then be applied to a letter or package. Before people had stamps and postage, they would have to pay a fee for each letter they sent.

Stamps are among the old-fashioned things that people have left from their childhoods when they use to get excited about receiving them in the mail. People who collect stamps are usually attracted to them because of nostalgia. They may also like stamps because it’s an easy way to start collecting non-living items which can be more affordable than some other hobbies.


A spoon is a flat utensil, especially one used for eating or stirring. It could also be used as a weapon or for other purposes. Spoons can come in different shapes and sizes and can also vary by material. The spoons that are typically used at home to eat with are usually plastic. They are often included as part of the packaging when you buy products like cereal, oatmeal, soup, or macaroni and cheese. For those who enjoy collecting spoons from different places, they have an option to purchase vintage spoons which may be made from silver and gold.

Some people create collections out of spoons because they come in a variety of colors and they love having them on display during occasions such as holiday dinners.

Bag Clips

A bag clip is a small but strong piece of metal that’s shaped like an “L” and will help keep the contents of your bag fresh by sealing it closed. Some people collect them because they want to have something in their collection that can be opened or sealed as needed which may not be possible with some of the other items that are available. These clips can also be put on wire hangers to help keep them organized or they could even attach one to a refrigerator door so it will be easy to find when you need it.


There is a great range of coins that people collect. Some people collect coins because they are interested in the culture and history the country that made them. Other people collect coins by the type of metal they are made from. These include copper, gold, silver, and platinum.

Balance beams

A balance beam is an object that can be used to practice tumbling on different parts of your body. It often has a pivot point that can be adjusted to make it easier or harder for you. The gymnast aims to keep their center of gravity over both supports at all times, and if they lose balance they will have not completed their routine.

Balance beams are among some of the most popular items for those who enjoy collecting small items because they are easy to store and the variety of colors they come in.

Paper Money

Some people have collections of paper money, while others collect coins. Paper money is made from different materials and can be a great part of a collection. The country of issue will usually determine the value and it may vary greatly across world currencies. Paper money may also be used as souvenirs for those who travel.

Christmas ornaments

A Christmas ornament is an object that usually hangs on a Christmas tree during the holidays to represent some aspect of the meaning of Christmas. They are traditionally lighted decorations that come in many different shapes and sizes and in different colors. There are many varieties of Christmas ornaments and they come in a number of types including glass globes, blown-out eggs, snowflakes, fruitcake covers and candy canes.

Some people collect Christmas ornaments to commemorate family memories and holidays while others like the fact that they are small enough for their collection.

Trading Cards

Trading cards are a form of collectible card that are packaged and sold in small quantities. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and design. Trading cards may be hard to find in stores due to their low supply. There are many different types of trading cards including sports cards, comic books, or any other number of items.

Trading Pins

Trading Pins are a form of souvenirs that people collect. They are often given at events as commemorative items. There is a wide range of design and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Trading pins are typically made from metal, plastic or some other type of hard material. They may also be made from paper to help save on cost for those who plan on collecting them.

Foam Pieces

Some people like collecting foam pieces because they can be used as decorations or even as kids’ toys. The foam pieces may come in an assortment of colors and shapes and have a wide variety of uses including crafts projects or making fun game pieces with friends and family members. Availability may vary depending on the store but it is possible to find them at many different stores.


A lighter is a small device that is used to provide ignition for a flame. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will often use butane, liquid petroleum, or fuel. It provides a controlled way to start a fire. Lighters allow for quick and easy starting of fires in an emergency situation.

Light bulbs

Some people may collect light bulbs because they are small enough to put in their collections. You can find them just about anywhere that has lights including the grocery store and hardware store. They usually come in different types which include fluorescent tubes, incandescent filaments, LEDs, halogen capsules and Xenon lamps.


Some people collect bells because they are a part of one’s holiday decorations. They are often used as part of the Christmas traditions and may come in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some people collect bells because they enjoy listening to them ring while others like collecting different types for their collections.


A compass is a navigational instrument that finds the directions of landmarks due to the properties of a magnetized needle. It can be used in conjunction with different materials and one can determine their position by triangulation.

Guitar Picks

Collecting small guitar picks can be a lot of fun. The person who is collecting them can use them as giveaways, or they can use their collection to decorate their house. They are literally everywhere so it’s possible to find plenty of different ones.

Lego Minifigures

Lego Minifigures are also a type of collectible toys. They often have to do with either iconic figures or popular characters. Lego Minifigurines can be used to create scenes or even displays.

Small Toys

A lot of people collect small toys. One of the reasons is because they were a part of their childhood and then it’s something that can remind them of that time. A second reason is because some people might find them in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes, so they can add to their collection. Another reason is if someone likes building scenes or making a small toy display with Lego Minifigures. The collection may also have something to do with the memories that come up when they see the toy again such as when someone sees a favorite piece like a stuffed animal from their childhood.

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