What is Rooting?

Rooting is an action that allows the user to gain full access permission of a device. Rooting does not void any warranties and usually is reversible if done correctly.

Many people root their phones because it gives them more control over how they use their devices, like installing apps that require root permissions or removing pre-installed carrier bloatware (apps).

Rooted Android phones can also be safer for privacy as rooted users have unrestricted access to all parts of the operating system where personal data may reside in plain text such as SMS messages, call history, app data caches and so on

The process of rooting varies from phone to phone but generally requires using an exploit to bypass security measures put in place by manufacturers who do not want users tampering with low level components

Rooting a device will often void the warranty and can brick your phone if done improperly

The most common risks associated with rooting are:

  • Losing all of your data on the storage partition (internal or external) when flashing ROMs, kernels or other software. This is because original stock firmware image contains all necessary partitions including system, bootloader, recovery etc., while custom firmware images might not contain these and even those that do may not be compatible with one another;
  • Preventing an OTA update from being pushed to you by means of blocking its access through ADB sideloading which prevents it from detecting that there’s new software available for installation over USB / wireless connection. You’ll need to manually download the full Android SDK and push the update yourself.
  • Losing all of your data on the storage partition when you accidentally select factory reset, because it will delete everything including system partitions;
  • Facing bootloop with missed possible solutions like re-flashing stock firmware or using safe mode since custom rom might be corrupted after flashing anything else to fix boot loop issues.”

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