5 Best eBook Readers

With an electronic reader or eBook reader for short, you are able to bring many books at a time and at the same time access a library of thousands or millions more on you; a device is smaller and lightweight, lasts for a couple of days at once charge and provides you a better reading experience compared to a smartphone or tablet.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of joining a digital book revolution or wish for a new device to replace your outdated one; here are the top five best eBook readers available.

Kindle Paperwhite

Another remarkable eBook-reader comes from Amazon. It has 300 dots per inch pixel density. This shows crisp and easy-read text and clear pictures—this small and light, with a side-lit screen which enables you to read in dim lighting. Amazon also provides the most remarkable catalog in respect to price and scope, and partnership, which allows you to check out books for free from many libraries. This is waterproof and comes with Bluetooth capability.

Libra H2O

When reclining on the beach or by the pool, you like it to be simple to flip pages. This eBook reader is produced by Kobo and has page-turner buttons located on the side. It also comes with 11 different font types and 40 different sizes for fast reading in bright light. It is IPX8 rated; therefore, it is waterproof once it accidentally gets wet.

Kindle Oasis

Are you an ultimate bookworm, and then consider the Kindle Oasis. This comes with color adjusting front light, made to be easier on your eyes when reading in dim light. It comes with page-turning keys for fast reading and a waterproof rating of IPX8. The upgraded model comes with free cellular connectivity to download new books even without an internet connection.

Kindle Kids Edition

Are you looking for an eBook reader for your little ones? If so, look no further than Kindle Kids Edition. This is able to hold picture books as well as chapter books. The parental dashboard allows you to control what books your kids will download.

Kobo Clara

Another best eBook reader from Amazon, Kobo Clara HD, is armed with the same 300 PPI screen and has adaptive backlighting. The hardware looks and feels good as Kindle with the same plastic body, which feels light. The Kobo lacks a tightly integrated ecosystem compared to Kindle, so you cannot toggle between a listing and reading your books.

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