Programming as a Hobby

Programming may seem intimidating, but it is actually one of the most rewarding hobbies you can choose. There are many people who see programming as a chore, when in reality it’s just like solving any other problem. It’s not all about computer science; it’s also about problem solving which everyone can benefit from! This article will cover how to get into programming and some ways that you might find fun projects to keep yourself busy with while learning the ropes.

Programming as a Hobby

Why is Programming a Good Hobby?

Programming is an art form that has many benefits. You will learn to solve many problems, create things that did not exist before, and hopefully find a career you enjoy doing.

Programming is a great hobby for many reasons.

  • You can create things that did not exist before
  • It’s creative in the sense that you are creating something new, even if it’s just lines of code
  • Programming is problem solving and everyone benefits from being able to solve problems
  • Software engineering is a growing field with lots of job opportunities so it can be used as a resume-builder as well as a way to keep your skills sharp.  

Common Misconceptions about Programming

Unfortunately, programming can be intimidating for people who are new to this art form. There are some common misconceptions about computer science and programming that make it seem like it’s difficult or impossible to get into.

Some people think programmers must have years of education in order to do anything useful with their programs, which is completely false! Others believe that coding is all about memorizing obscure languages, when in reality if you know one language then learning another becomes much easier because the concepts are mostly the same but just explained differently.

For example, C++ has almost the same syntax as C# (the two most commonly used languages for games and other graphically-intensive applications), which means that once you learn one of those languages then learning the other will be a breeze.

Luckily, there are many resources available to help you along the way if you know where to look! A lot of companies post videos online showing how they do their work at their company so anyone can watch them and learn from them. Also most schools with computer science programs have free programming tutorials on their websites or YouTube channels.

There are also hundreds of books about various topics in computing if reading is more your style. And lastly, we can’t forget about Google, who has made it easy to find information about just about anything with the simple phrase “How do I..?”

Another misconception about programming is that it’s only about computer science. This is not true! While being a good programmer does require a certain understanding of the science behind it, coding in itself is more about problem solving and converting ideas into code.

The best programmers are people who can easily translate what they want to do into a way other people can understand them through their code. If you were having problems at home or with school that you needed solved, then writing out your thoughts for someone else to read and translating them into code should be easy for you, which means you’re well on your way to becoming a programmer!

How to Get Started with Programming

Now let’s talk about some ways that might make programming fun for you! There are plenty of resources online where you can find tutorials and guides to help you work with different languages.

The best place to start is probably by using the programming language of your choice and writing some simple games or applications while experimenting with new concepts. For example, if you have a good grasp of C# then try learning C++ so that you can use its higher level features on top of more ‘raw’ power from lower-level programming for your projects. There are also many great ways to learn online through websites such as Codecademy, Code School, Udacity, Khan Academy, Coursera, EdX, etc.

If reading books isn’t really your thing then there are plenty of other ways you can still get into programming! A lot of companies post videos that show how they do their software development work. If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas to get you started then I would definitely recommend browsing through some videos on YouTube like this one

So if programming is something that interests you, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Start out by learning how to program in your favorite language and find resources online to help you along the way, and before long I’m sure that many projects will be begging for your attention!


I hope that everyone who read this enjoyed it and found it helpful. Please remember that I am only one small cog in the machine of world-wide information transfer, so if somebody else had already posted this article elsewhere then it’s entirely possible (and even likely) that my guide is redundanctt.

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