Popular K-pop Genres

There are many genres of K-pop, but the most common ones you’ll hear are pop, dance, hip-hop, and ballad. These styles are broken down into subgenres which can be either typical English language labels (such as R&B) or more specific Korean names which help show recognition for its originators. 

Popular K-pop Genres

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Pop is one of the most popular genres of K-Pop with countless artists releasing singles every week it seems! It often contains up to three main vocalists who harmonize together with a mixture of melodic lines blended with autotune along with one or two rappers to provide some rhythm.

Pop music usually uses the same instruments that you’ll find in any other pop song, such as synthesizers and drums.

Male idols will often use falsetto singing (high pitches which could only be sung by males), while female idols tend to stick with mid-range vocals. Popular subgenres include but are not limited to electronic pop, tropical house, Europop, dance-pop


Dance is a very broad category where artists will typically focus more on synchronized choreography rather than vocals alone. It can either be fast-paced like something you’d hear at the club or more laid back for TV performances; it all depends on what they’re trying to achieve!


Hip-hop is a very diverse genre with many different kinds you can find in K-pop. Generally, it contains rappers who use their voices to talk about things they’d normally talk about as well as other members using more melodic singing.

You’ll often hear synth lines as well as an electronic dance beat underneath the vocals.


Ballads contain slower-paced songs which showcase a singer’s voice and emotions through acoustic or piano instrumentals along with soft synths and drums which may be used throughout the song.

Ballads are popular for those who love listening to stories and romance through music, with many idols singing about heartbreak or being in love.

Of course, there are many other genre categories that idols have come from such as rock, dance-pop, alternative, and more! As K-pop continues to expand into the world we’ll be able to discover new musical genres along the way. There will always be something for everyone in this genre of music.

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