What is Material You?

Material You is the new version of Google’s Material Design. It was announced at the Google I/O in 2021.

As part of Google I/O 2021, Google announced a new design language for apps and Android. The old design language was called Material Design but now it is changing. It is the biggest change to Android since 2014.

The part of Material You that means “consumers” is the part that says people will be able to have more ways to personalize how their phone looks. They can change the colors and background of their apps and operating system quickly.

Apps that uses Material You design will work on different screens, like smartwatches or big-screen monitors. You can make them personal too. One picture on a phone tells me that phones will have different colors like pink and purple besides dark and light modes.

Material You a type of design tat affects animations, too. Material You helps people with their interactions with products. For example, when you press the power button, the screen lights up to show that it has been pressed or when you swipe your lock screen, it will light up from underneath and go away after a few seconds.

Material Design will debut in Android 12. It will start on the new Pixel phone in Fall of 2021. Google’s apps are included in Material Design, as well as all other platforms and devices in the future.

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