Learning Resources ABC Puzzle Cards Review

If you are looking for a fun way to help your child learn their ABCs, then Learning Resources has the perfect product for you! Their ABC Puzzle Cards is a great way to introduce kids to letters and phonics. The cards can be used in many different ways, which helps keep them interesting. This review will go into detail about the pros and cons of these cards so that parents can make an informed decision when they purchase this product for their children.

Building kindergarten readiness skills is important for any preschooler. These ABC Puzzle Cards from Learning Resources allow your child to use their creativity at the same time as learning key letters and phonics. The puzzle cards are self-correcting, which will ensure there’s only one right answer. Your pieces can be stored in a box when you’re done playing for easy cleanup.

Learning Resources ABC Puzzle Cards
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With 26 two-piece puzzles with every letter of the alphabet in them, there’s something here for everyone. The self-correcting piece is also helpful for parents. These cards are a great way to get your kids excited about learning, which will have an effect on them when they enter kindergarten and beyond!

Simply put together each puzzle by matching the knob to its corresponding piece that has a picture of an object or animal that starts with the sound the letter makes. They are printed on bright white background which makes them very easy to read and can only fit in its corresponding piece with one seamless click–no more trying different letters until you find a fit! 

A great component of this set is it allows children to not just interact but also play again as they work through their ABCs! With this kit, your child can not only gain knowledge about how words visually lay out for reading, but they can also be entertained too!

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  • The ABC Puzzle Cards from Learning Resources can be used in different ways that make it more interesting than just simply looking at the cards.
  • They have a storage box for easy cleanup, and are self-correcting which is helpful to parents as well.
  • High-quality materials ensure long lasting use over time.
  • The product’s self-correcting puzzles are perfect for kids and come in easy to solve designs. With only one right answer, these puzzles will keep your little ones entertained while honing their critical thinking skills!


  • The cards can be hard for children under the age of four, as they may not have developed enough fine-motor skills to tear the pieces out from between all of the other pictures on the page.
  • They are also only printed with one correct answer, which could lead kids into thinking that there is only one right answer to any question, which isn’t true.

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