What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language which is functional and object-oriented. It also has a type system that supports both static and dynamic types along with null safety features.

It was developed by JetBrains, the same company who created IntelliJ IDEA (the IDE for Java). Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode, so it can be used in Android Development just as easily as Java or C++.

In Android development, Kotlin is used for mainly new development, or as a replacement for Java.

The way Kotlin is written and executed ensures that it’s faster to write than Java code with fewer errors in the process. It also allows you to use sugar syntax like declaring variables using “val” instead of “final”. And if this wasn’t enough–Kotlin has first-class support on Android Studio’s official plugin which makes developing apps easier than ever before!

Java is still a very widely used and accepted programming language, but as more developers jump ship to Kotlin it becomes clear that Java’s reign in mobile development has come to an end. What was once the most popular choice for Android app development now just feels like old news: not only does Kotlin offer faster coding with fewer bugs than Java, but its plugin compatibility with Android Studio means developing apps doesn’t need any extra effort from your team–Kotlin will do all of this on its own!

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