What is Huawei Harmony OS?

Harmony OS is the new operating system from Huawei, and it was released in 2020. The Harmony OS has got Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) as its central feature.

The US government embargoed all future exports of hardware and software to Huawei in 2019.. This made it so that Huawei could not get key parts and programs. Without any of these things, it was hard for them to build phones. Their sales were down 42% in 2020. That’s why they had to come up with a new OS for their devices, Harmony OS.

Harmony OS has a lot of great features that make it compatible with other ROMs.

Seamless Experience

Harmony OS has a seamless experience that makes it so user can feel the same looks and feels on different devices powered by the OS. Those who have used smart screens may find that the interface and design of Huawei’s Harmony OS will seem familiar.

With Harmony OS there are also many ways for users to find what they want quickly since everything is right there within reach; like an instant search bar or with voice commands if you don’t feel like typing anything out.

Smooth Performance

One of the best features about Harmony OS is that it runs smoothly and without any glitches. That means you can do anything on your phone with no hesitation or worry because there’s never any lag to get in the way. It relies on a sleek design so everything feels natural – like how all things should be!

Better Security

Harmony OS has a great security feature that gives you peace of mind. It features protection from viruses and malware, plus it encrypts data automatically so there’s no need to go through any other steps when using this operating system. Plus, if your phone is stolen or lost then they can’t access the information on your device because it’s protected by fingerprint recognition and passcodes!

Special Themes

Harmony OS features a lot of fun themes. This is just what makes this operating system so special! You can choose to have your screen light up with the colors of your favorite team or maybe you want to set it as an alarm clock that will remind you when it’s time for some Netflix binge-watching. All these options make Harmony OS really unique!

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