How to Start Collecting Gundam Model Kits

Do you have a passion for collecting Gundam model kits? If so, we want to be your resource on how to start! We will discuss the basics of what is needed to get started and provide tips for finding the best deals. Let’s jump into it!

What is a Gundam Model Kit?

A Gundam model kit is a toy that typically consists of plastic, Styrofoam, or both. Model kits are used as toys to create models of robots from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Why People Love Collecting Gundam Model Kits

If you enjoy constructing models, then you may enjoy collecting Gundam model kits.

The best part about these kits is that they are all different from one another and some have a little more detail than others.

Some people love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing whichever kit they’re currently working on.

No matter what your reason for enjoying collecting Gundam model kits – whether it be the sense of victory or the ability to create something entirely new with your own two hands- there’s no denying this hobby has its perks!

How to Start Collecting Gundam Model Kits


The basics of what is needed for starting to collect Gundam model kits.

A place to store your collection

The best option for storing your kit is to have a place designated to this hobby. A good place would be a room, cabinet, or shelf that can be seen and accessed easily. It’s also important that the area is properly ventilated so there is not too much dust accumulation.

A supply of tools and materials

One of the most important tools you will need for construction is a hobby knife. Tools are usually easy to find at your local craft store and vary in price depending on the difficulty level. A basic kit will contain a hobby knife, sandpaper, and small brushes.

Storage containes

It is required to habe storage containers or binders with dividers for storing pieces by type – like heads, arms, etc.

A container for your construction materials can be as simple as a shoe box or as fancy as an ornate chest. The size is up to you and the most important thing to look out for is that it is airtight so your Styrofoam doesn’t end up smelling like mice!

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start getting your kit!

Gather Your Materials

You will need a gluing gun and glue sticks for assembling kits.

You’ll also want paint if you’re planning on painting the pieces as well.

Lastly, you’ll need some sort of container or binder with dividers to store your pieces.

You should also keep some sort of reference materials handy to help with identification, like a Gundam encyclopedia or blog posts on the internet!

Find Deals

If you’re new to collecting these kits, then it is recommended that you do not buy any kits until after you have assembled at least one kit and learned how they work.

Once you have learned the basics, then it’s time to go hunting for deals! Look online and in your local area.

There are plenty of places that sell Gundam model kits at a discounted price. The best deals are usually found on clearance or in bargain stores.

When hunting for these kits, it is important to remember that you can always negotiate the price. This is a great way to build your collection affordably and quickly!

Learn How to Assemble Kits

Now comes the fun part- assembling kit pieces together. You’ll need some form of adhesive like glue or hot glue (depending on what type of material) as well as paint if you want to paint the piece after assembling them.

Instructions should be included with each kit, but there is also typically an assembly guide available online too.

The best way learn how these models work is by piecing one together yourself first before diving into any more expensive purchases.

So What Have We Learned?

We’ve learned the basics of how to start collecting Gundam model kits.

  • Take your time learning everything you need before grabbing any new pieces while on a budget.
  • Search for deals online and locally, as they can be found anywhere.
  • Read instructions thoroughly and watch videos that may help with assembly if needed.

Some people love creating models and others enjoy being able to create something entirely new by their own hand. No matter what your reason is for enjoying these kits, it’s easy to see why this hobby has its perks!

It’s important when starting out not only have a place for storage but also necessary tools like paint or other materials. Taking the time to learn about assembling Kits will give you more confidence in building them too!

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