How to Start a Video Game Collection?

Many people enjoy video games, but few of them have a collection. A game collector is someone who has an interest in collecting video games as a hobby and will often spend time looking for rare or hard to find titles. If you want to start your own collection, the first step is to figure out what kind of games you are interested in playing, then do research on how much they cost and where you can buy them. You’ll also need some storage space – whether it be a shelf or drawer – to store your new collection!

How to Start a Video Game Collection

Most collections come naturally as the owners have played video games through their life and stored those games after finishing them. The others are ones who decide to collect video games as their love for this hobby increase.

Pick Genres and Research Prices

Figure out what kind of games you’re interested in playing. There are different types of video games, the most popular being role playing and adventure. Figure out what you like best by doing research on prices of different types of titles to find one that’s right for you. If that’s action, look for titles like The Last Of Us or God Of War. Platformers are great if you enjoy a challenge and want something more fun than typical shooters.

Research the cost and where to buy them. This is essential as most games will be priced anywhere from $20-$60 new depending on location.

Consider Storage

Storage space is needed for a collection. Consider shelves or drawers! You’ll also need somewhere to store your new discs, manuals, cases, etc. A shelving unit works great for this purpose as well!

Exclusive Titles Matter

Exclusive titles are important to collect. They are usually released with the intention of being a collectors item, so they are more expensive and harder to find. And they increase your collection’s value.

There are various types of video game consoles (Xbox/PS) that have exclusive titles – consider which one you want first before collecting anything else! Xbox has Halo & Gears of War while PS offers Arkham City & God Of War. It’s important not to spend all your money on just one console because then you won’t have any games to play!

Being Patient is Key

Some titles are rare and take time to find. If you’re patient, the game will eventually come up for sale or be available at a cheaper price.

If you’re lucky, one day while browsing an online auction site you’ll come across a game that’s been on your wishlist and at a reasonable price!

Always Ask about the Condition of the Game before Buying

Some video games will be in amazing condition and others won’t work well anymore because they’ve been played too much. Ask if the game is in good condition and whether it requires batteries!

Video games are meant to be played, so don’t feel bad about buying used ones or trading your old for new ones.

If you’re looking for a specific title but can’t find one anywhere, try searching online auction sites like eBay where people will sell their collections over time or trade them with other collectors directly. This article discusses 13 tips on how to get started building your video game collection – we hope this helps!


Is collecting video games a hobby?

Yes. A collector is someone who has an interest in collecting video games as a hobby and will often spend time looking for rare or hard to find titles. They might have a lot of different kinds of games, storing them in various places such as on the floor or under the bed.

A game collector will often spend time looking for rare or hard to find titles, this means that they have a great knowledge of what kinds of games are available and what they should be looking for.

How much should I collect?

In most cases, when someone asks how much does it cost to start a video game collection, they’re suggesting that they get whichever consoles have the games they want and don’t worry about anything else. However, there are also collectors that will try to collect everything, from a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) to an Xbox 360.

What if I’m not patient?

It’s impossible for everyone to be patient and just wait around every day or sit at their computer while it searches online auction sites all the time – so instead of always being patient, some people might decide to become aggressive by logging in on as many different video game websites each day as possible. This is risky though because you could miss out on rare titles since they sell quickly!

How do you keep track of a video game collection?

There are many ways to keep track of a video game collection. Some people might use spreadsheets or websites while others might take pictures of their games and have them printed out in albums with titles, prices, and release dates listed on the back.

How do you know what’s worth collecting?

You don’t need to collect every single title that is released – but it does help if you’re interested in playing different genres so that your friends can come over for an extra player match or two whenever they want (unless they also want to play Mario Kart!). It’s best not to spend all your money on just one console because then you won’t have any games to play!

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