How to Start a K-pop Collection

The K-pop phenomenon is taking over the world! With groups like BTS and EXO topping charts, it’s no wonder that people are starting to collect K-pop albums and postcards. However, there are so many different types of albums out there that it can be hard to figure out where to start.

How to Start a Collection of Albums/Photocards

Make sure you are financial capable

Find a hobby you enjoy and that can sustain your collection. If it’s not financially possible, then the collector will end up feeling guilty for spending money on their hobby when they should be saving or investing.

Choose your level of commitment to Kpop albums and postcards based on how much time you have available each day This may involve taking an extended break from a job or quitting altogether in order to commit more hours to this new venture.

Find a group you like

The first step is deciding what kind of K-pop album and postcard collection you want to start. There are many different groups out there that release albums, so finding one you love can be difficult without some guidance. If you know anyone who listens to K-pop on the regular or if you’ve been listening to K-pop for a while, you should ask them which group they love the most. There are so many different groups out there and it’s good to find one that has something special about them that speaks to you.

Find their albums online

Once you decide what kind of album collection YOU want, then it’s time to go hunting in your favorite music sites or stores (depending on how old school – aka retro – you’re feeling). You’ll have plenty of options here! If this is your first time buying an album as opposed to streaming songs individually from YouTube or Spotify, make sure not only to buy physical copies but also get digital downloads too; some places might even offer free samples with purchase.

Find a group you don’t like

The next step is to find an album that you don’t care for at all so it can be your “other” K-pop collection! You’ll want this because when collecting albums, sometimes there are ones they release with only one or two good songs and the rest of them will end up being just okay; having something to fill in those holes will make your collection seem more complete. Think about who might have popular artists that aren’t very appealing to you.

Collect postcards too

Once you’ve found some great K-pop albums, it might be time to collect some postcards too! Postcards are usually sold separately from albums and you can buy them at any K-pop concert or fan event. They’re a great way to get pictures of your favorite group without having their faces scribbled out by an overzealous fan in Sharpie pen – which is never cute when they start taking selfies with the card, for example.

Get album covers printed as art prints

If you didn’t already know, there’s someone who makes beautiful art prints based on album covers that look like something straight out of a museum catalog; she even takes requests if you want one made specifically for your collection (which I highly recommend). It doesn’t matter what kind of album you collect, this artist has them all!

Collect albums from different eras

This is an optional step but if you’re a hardcore K-pop fan then it might be worthwhile to not just focus on recent releases by your favorite group or artists and instead go back into their archives too. Usually when groups release two new albums at once like BIGBANG did with ‘MADE’ in 2017, they’ll have one that’s more upbeat and fun to listen to while the other will be slower and sadder – sometimes even ballads. It can really give you a better sense of who they are as people (or at least what moods make up their personality) so consider buying both albums for example.

Find albums that are special editions

There’s always going to be a few K-pop groups out there who release “special” album versions of their newest releases which come with additional merchandise – usually posters, stickers and sometimes even collectible cards for games or trading card collections! They’re the perfect things to buy if you want some extras from your favorite group but don’t know where else to find them; it can also make great gifts too if you have friends into collecting like you are.

Get some K-pop merch too

If collecting physical copies isn’t your thing, there are always other ways to show off your love for K-pop without having it exist only as data stored somewhere online. Tshirts, mugs, keychains… if anything ever goes wrong with these items then you’ll have backups waiting around which means more time spent with your favorite K-pop group!

Get stickers and pins

Collecting items in the physical world is great but there’s also a whole digital side to this too; consider buying some cute fanart or badges that you can put on your phone, laptop, bag – anywhere really! The best way to do so is by following accounts of artists themselves who usually have tons of artwork for sale as well as album releases coming up you’ll want to know about. You don’t need much money either because they’re not very expensive (maybe around $15-$20USD) and if it makes you happy then what more could we ask for?

Organize your collection and share it with friends

Collecting K-pop is a fun and easy hobby that doesn’t require much time or money – but it can get awfully messy if you don’t know how to organize them. If you’re serious about collecting then make sure you’ve got some nice, spacious containers for all your albums (or find ones that fit in nicely on your bookshelf if you want to keep them visible) and use labels for all the different categories. Take pictures of your favorite albums, share it with friends who are also into collecting for encouragement – because they’ll know exactly what kind of search terms to look up on eBay when they find something new that’s out-of-stock!

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