How to send Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

What if you could send messages that disappear? That’s what WhatsApp just announced. Here are the basics of how to use this new feature, and why it might be useful for you.

WhatsApp is a messaging app for smartphone users that allows the sending of texts, photos, videos, audio recordings and PDF files to other users. The application provides an instant messaging platform that can run on all major mobile operating systems at a time.

What is Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

If you have a lot of conversation threads on Whatsapp, chances are your computer is being taken over with messages. It can be easy enough to clear the chat history but it has to be done manually which takes time and patience.

If you want to save space and don’t care for old messages, or if you want to delete them automatically, you can enable Disappearing Messages.

Enable disappearing messages in Whatsapp

To enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp, make sure you are running the latest version of the app.

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Access a conversation thread 
  3. Tap the contact’s name.
  4. Select Disappearing messages
  5. Tick On option.

Disappearing Messages will be enabled for that conversation thread.

What you need to be cafureful of about disappearing messages

  • The feature cannot be enabled for group conversations. They only work for one-on-one chats.
  • When you enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp, the other person knows that their messages expire and are deleted.
  • Disappearing, or ephemeral, messages are not the same as archiving. If you send a message and set it to disappear after 7 days, then that message will vanish and you can’t access to it again.
  • If you send a message in WhatsApp and then delete it, that person could take a screenshot before the message disappears.
  • A message sent over a thread with disappearing messages will disappear. But if you forward that message, the original will not.
  • Messages sent on WhatsApp cannot be deleted when they are saved to a device.
  • The messages are not deleted right away. The function is available only for the message that has been sent after enabling it.


Sending disappearing messages in WhatsApp may seem like a complicated process at first, but it’s actually quite simple. Disabling the feature for group conversations is easy enough to do and can be helpful if you have multiple threads that are hard to keep track of or want your phone space back.

When sending ephemeral messages on Whatsapp, make sure not to send anything sensitive so that there isn’t any chance of someone taking a screenshot before the message disappears.

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