How to Find Hidden Apps on Your Android Phone

Android phones are one of the most popular smartphones on the market today. They offer a great user experience and plenty of power. However, there is a dark side to these devices that many people don’t know about; they come pre-loaded with apps that cannot be deleted! With over 1 million apps available in Google Play store for Android users, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for…and if you don’t know how to find hidden apps on your device, then this post is perfect for you!

Why does Android hide apps?

This is a common question that many people ask. The answer to this question is not very straightforward, but there are a few reasons why Android provides such an unpopular option:

  • Easier navigation: By hiding apps, Android provides the user with an easier way to navigate their phone. This allows the user to concentrate on what they want without having to worry about accidentally opening new tabs or applications.
  • Saving device memory: One of the biggest disadvantages of having a lot of apps on your phone is that it can use up all your device’s memory and slow down the phone. Hidden apps take up less space so it gives more room for your other apps!
  • Privacy concerns: In the event that someone finds your phone, they will not be able to access your private information if you have hidden apps.

An app that is hidden by default might seem innocent enough, but there’s really no telling what it could be doing in the background. The last thing you want to do with a device like this is disable or delete any of these apps as they can render your entire phone useless and cost you an arm and a leg if something goes wrong.

Though it’s worth mentioning that aside from the useful apps, there are also malicious ones such as keyloggers or remote access trojans.

What people may not know is that largely Android phones look the same. The thing you need to be aware of is which version of the android system your phone runs on.

As such, an Android 10 device will have many of the same features as any other device running the same operating system. However, there may still be some discrepancies with certain elements or updates.

How do I find hidden applications?

The best way to safeguard your Android device and prevent it from being hacked by malicious apps is by ensuring that all of the system level processes are safe. The easiest ways to do this include checking for any hidden or running applications, reviewing recent app actions on Google Play Store, and changing passwords if you have a weak one with no security features enabled.

Just because some manufacturers allow users access into System apps does not mean they should be taken as gospel truth! As such we must take precautionary steps in order protect our devices against harmful viruses like malware and spyware.

Use Settings

Steps to finding hidden apps on the Android device:

  • Open up your phone’s Settings app.
  • Access Apps > Manage Apps.
  • Tap on Keban Menu then the Show all apps.

After that, you can see all apps, including the hiddne system ones.

Use App Drawer

Most default App Drawer has a “More” tab or Kehab menu that opens up a list of all the hidden apps.

  1. Open the app drawer.
  2. Tap on keban menu then select the Hide apps option.

Or you can use battery or memory usgae trick to find out what apps are running in background which you aren’t sure of.

Go to Settings > Apps and select Battery or Memory. This will display all running processes on your phone, including any unknown or unfamiliar ones which should be reported immediately.

Use Custom Launcher

Android has many custom launcher apps that allow the user to disable hidden apps.

You can install one of these popular ones:

  • Nova Launcher
  • Poco Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Evie Launcher

Make sure to run the initial configuration steps and replace your default launcher with the newly installed one after you install it on your Android phone or tablet. This will help avoid any compatibility problems that may arise as well as action key conflicts.

Some of these launchers even have a feature where it will automatically hide or show certain applications as they are installed without any user input.


If you want to keep your phone clean and safe from malicious apps, it’s important that you know how to find hidden applications. While there are many ways of doing this, the best way is by using a custom launcher or checking for any unknown processes running in background. When making changes on Android devices, make sure to take precautionary steps in order protect your device against harmful viruses like malware and spyware.

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