Is Golf a Good Hobby? How to Get Started with Playing Golf?

Golf is a great hobby. It’s a sport that everyone can be involved in and it doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. Golf also offers plenty of benefits to the amateur golfer, from improving mental health to boosting socialization.

Benefits of Playing Golf

Golfers are said to have an 83% higher level of self-confidence, lower stress levels, healthier hearts, reduced blood pressure and improved immune systems.1

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people between the ages of 8 through 80.2 It’s also possible to play golf up until one has difficulty walking or reaching for clubs during normal swinging motions.

Golfers with arthritis can still participate in the game by choosing lighter clubs or altering their golf swing.

How to Get Started with Golf 

In this article we will go over the basics of how to get started with golfing as a hobby!

You should start out slowly when you get started with golfing. If you’re just starting out it may be difficult to play 18 holes in one go so limit yourself to 9 or even 6 holes at first. As your skills improve you can increase the number of you do each time.

First things first – you need your own clubs! Your local sporting goods store should have everything you need for beginners at an affordable price. The most important thing when selecting clubs is finding the right weight and length for your height and swing speed.

Next, find yourself a course near home where you can play regularly for practice! There are tons of courses near me with rates starting as low as 5 dollars a round, and if you find a group to play with it can be even cheaper.

If you’re unsure where to go, check with friends and family members who have played the sport before. Many new golfers will be eager to give advice on local courses they’ve enjoyed playing at or courses that are worth trying out.

If there aren’t any courses near you, don’t worry! You can invest in a small hand-held practice net or put up a makeshift one using a backyard net or even some string and two poles from which you can hit balls into. This is an excellent way of keeping your swing fresh while also improving technique on different parts of the course without having to spend money playing on actual greens if you prefer not to.

The only other equipment needed is golf balls. If you are practicing at your club’s course or on your own property, you won’t need anything else! But if you want to play a course with friends outside of your area, make sure to bring plenty of extra balls as well as snacks for between rounds. You may also want to invest in a cart or pull cart to help navigate the greens- this will also cut down on costs.   

Essential Golf Accessories

In addition to clubs and balls, there are a few accessories you might want to consider as an amateur golfer.

One of the first is a bag to carry all your equipment in. A stand bag with a couple pockets for storage will work well for most golfers, and can run you around 200 dollars. If this seems too pricey, there are plenty of great bags under 100 dollars that should suit your needs .

One other thing that costs essentially nothing is a glove. While it’s definitely not necessary, the right glove can improve your grip on the club and reduce the wear-and-tear on your hands from swinging so much! All brands have a selection of gloves designed for different hand sizes and styles .

The final accessory we recommend picking up is a flagstick or flagpole . The main purpose of this is convenience while playing- you don’t have to walk over and remove the flag every time you finish your swing. Flags can also be used for putting, replacing the flagstick with a longer stick to putt over.

Medium-sized flags run about 20 dollars, but if you’re looking for something more portable there are collapsible styles available.

After Thoughts

Golf is a great hobby to develop as it is both mentally and physically stimulating. Plus, there are plenty of great accessories you can buy that will improve your game!

As you can see, there’s quite a bit to know before starting out golfing. If you’re an experienced player yourself, let us know what else we missed in the comments!

We hope that this article provides a good foundation to get started with golfing as a hobby!

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