15 Free Edtech Tools for Teachers

Teachers are always looking for new ways to engage their students and make learning more interesting. There are a lot of free tools out there that can help teachers do this, but it’s hard to find them all in one place. We’ve compiled 15 of our favorite free tech tools for teachers here! These resources will help you get your classroom ready for the school year ahead.

Benefits of Tech Tools For Teachers

  • Tech tools like Kahoot! can increase engagement in the classroom, making lessons more fun for students
  • Digital badges are an innovative way to recognize and reward students’ progress. They’re easy for teachers to provide feedback, motivate learners, improve self-assessment skills and help students map learning accomplishments back to learning goals
  • Use digital portfolios to track student progress and show others in the school community what students have learned
  • Digital storytelling is a fun way to integrate technology and literacy – it’s great for language learning, social studies and content-area subjects

Top 15 Free Tech Resources For Teachers


Kahoot! is an online quiz tool that allows you to create games for students. These interactive games are great for reviewing material, practicing content and keeping students engaged in class. It works on any device (phone, laptop, tablet) and is easily used with large groups of students.

Google Maps

Google Maps for education offers several resources to help teachers use maps in their lessons: GeoGuides cover lots of different subject areas and feature lesson plans and links to Google resources related to the topic; Map Maker allows you to edit existing maps or create new ones that can be saved and used for future lessons.


Glogster is a digital poster tool where students can choose from thousands of images, sounds, videos and other media to create colorful multimedia posters for their teachers.


Prezi is an alternative to PowerPoint that allows you to easily create engaging presentations – great for both content review and project-based learning activities! You can use it on any device with a browser, so students won’t need access to special software to participate in class or collaborate with classmates.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Page helps users quickly design attractive social media posts that will engage their audience and highlight key messages to followers.

Adobe Spark can also help users quickly turn their photos and video clips into engaging videos. It offers multiple ways to customize designs – you can either choose from thousands of background images or upload your own, plus it’s easy to import items from all of the major social media platforms.

Google Forms

Google forms makes it easy to design and distribute online questionnaires that include images, videos and other media. You can get results from your students instantly or use them in a Google doc for further analysis.

There are many ways that you can use Google Forms in your classroom to get students excited and engaged in learning. The best part about Forms is it’s super easy to use, and it works on any device with an internet connection – all you need is a browser!


Seesaw is a student portfolio tool that allows you to easily organize all of the digital work you’ve created while learning something new – documents, writing samples, photos, videos and more!

Students can look back on their work at any time, plus they can add rich commentary along with their submissions so you know what they were thinking while creating each item.

This is a great way to differentiate assessment by giving students choices about how they want to demonstrate mastery of a topic.

Google Classroom

At its simplest, Google Classroom is a learning management system that allows teachers to distribute and collect digital content from students.

But there’s so much more to it than that: you can create and save assignments as templates, organize your entire workflow in one place and use different apps (like Docs, Sheets and Slides) without leaving the Classroom interface!

Plus it integrates seamlessly with other GAFE resources like Gmail and Drive for even easier organization of your digital files.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an educational app that allows teachers and students to explore our world in new ways! You can use the latest 3D maps, zoom into specific locations or find out more about famous landmarks around the globe – great for geography, history and science lessons!


Storify is a tool that helps users collect tweets, videos, pictures and other social media posts about a particular event or topic. You can create amazing real-time stories by simply pasting in relevant links or you can compile everything at once then share with your entire class or with parents via e-mail.


Flipgrid is a tool that allows teachers to create short video discussions with their students – perfect for eliciting student responses on lesson-related topics or starting class debates. The videos are automatically saved to your account, plus you can easily make them private if you’d like. To access the videos at any time, simply click “View” and select “Download.”


SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create surveys that allow students to submit feedback via text boxes, multiple choice drop downs or checkboxes. You can even include pictures in your questions! Plus, like everything else on this list, there’s no software required – just sign up using an e-mail address and start creating.


Socrative is a nice tool for educators to collect feedback. Socrative is the classroom app for fun, effective engagement and on-the-fly assessments.

Teachers can create short, entertaining questions for students to answer on the spot. Sophisticated tracking technology is built in so that teachers can view aggregate scores for each question and see how every student answered. It’s perfect for quizzes, assessments, reviews, test reviews or any form of class participation your curriculum requires.

Research proves that immediate feedback is one of the most valuable parts of any learning experience; this classroom app is your solution to easily identify student strengths and weaknesses in fun ways.


Padlet is an easy and intuitive web-based tool that lets you collaborate with friends, family, or co-workers to capture ideas quickly. With Padlet it’s simple to add posts by clicking one button, copying and pasting text from another document, or drag and drop files right into your post. No matter how big the project may be, edits are autosaved so changes are never lost in the copy machines again. And because every change is saved automatically – no more mistakes!


The web-based mind mapping tool complete with different layouts and color schemes, can be used for everything from brainstorming projects to creating courses. With features like the ability to publish your mind map as an HTML document or PDF, collaboration tools that allow you to work on a project with others right inside of the browser, and integration with popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter – MindMeister helps you easily capture ideas online.

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