What is Fragmentation?

What is fragmentation in Android? Fragmentation is a term that describes the variety of screen sizes and resolutions, as well as different versions of Android OS. This can make developing for Android difficult since you need to test your app on many devices before publishing it.

Android fragmentation captures the attention of software developers. As Android platform updates are released, this means that not all SDK applications created for specific devices work with other numerous devices in the ecosystem. This means that developers must account for potential incompatibility with devices due to different update versions and their own releases as well.

Why does Android Fragmentation occur?

The Android OS is open-source, so manufacturers can make their own modifications and add features that work best for them. The issue with this though is fragmentation: the more ways you have to do one thing on an operating system, it makes things a lot harder when developing apps in general.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when your Android device manufacturer customizes their operating system for you. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing how a button looks, but other times they’ll change up an API or more of the hardware components to really make sure that no one else is able to compete with them in this market niche – not even Google!

How Google Deal with Fragmentation?

Google continues to address the fragmentation issue that has arisen in Android by helping developers with compatibility issues. For example, Google is releasing an Android Compatibility Program which will filter devices eligible for market access and restrict it only to those with compatible API’s.

Unfortunately for developers like us who want to release our apps on a variety of devices at once, this doesn’t solve interoperability issues with applications made only for particular types of device – so we’ll need some tweaking before releasing cross-platform!

Is Fragmentation an Issue?

Fragmentation seems normal to normal end users. They have a choice to choose apps that works on their devices or wait for developers to update their apps.

Fragmentation is not an issue for Google, as they have the ability to produce software that can run on every device!

The problem with fragmentation in Android arises when developers want to release their applications across many different devices.

A major concern of any developer releasing apps and games on the google play store is how do we address issues arising from a diverse set of devices. This is where the fragmentation problem becomes a concern for developers, as we need to tweak our applications to work on a variety of devices.

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