Best Android Farming Games in 2022

Farm management is relaxing, healing, and fun. There are many new games coming out for Android devices, and some of them have a farming theme. There is not much that has been released in the past year, but there are still some gems to be found. These games offer something different from what you might find on other platforms like iOS or PC gaming.

Are you looking for a new game to play on your Android device? Here are some of the best games that you can find. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just want something to pass the time, these games will have you hooked in no time!

The Farm: Sassy Princess

The Farm: Sassy Princess is an interactive farming game for Android. You can become a successful farmer who harvests various crops and helps charming neighbors solve their problems!

Based on a farm story, the gameplay includes a little princess. You will play the role of a farmer while harvesting different crops. However, you will encounter helpful neighbors to solve your issues. You may enjoy catching fish, managing crops, and raising the princess.

Travel across the kingdom, meet new friends along the way while completing quests throughout different seasons that will allow you to gain more land in order to produce even better yields of delicious food – all without ever getting bored with what’s on your plate? There are 3 bachelor farmers available right off bat—so choose yours today!

Harvest Town

What’s the deal with Harvest Town? It’s a simulation game where you get to raise your very own farm, complete various quests, and explore an immersive world.

In Harvest Town, you are able to build your own farmhouse and experience what it’s like living on an idyllic rural island. With diverse species such as cows or chickens that can be raised throughout the game world, there will always be something new coming up! Explore this curious place full of hidden treasures while exploring every nook looking for more items!

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